Beauty Product Review: Custom Nail Solutions

A few months ago, I was approached to review Custom Nail Solutions, indestructible custom-made nails made specifically for your very special digits.

I was immediately intrigued. I’m not a fan of acrylics anymore, they do way too much damage to your nails, after all, but these promised to leave my nails healthy and give me whenever, wherever perfect nails that would never break. I needed to see for myself. And so, my impressions kit arrived.

custom nail solutions review

 I got:

10 finger trays
1 spoon
1 yellow impression material
1 white impression material
1 Instruction sheet
1 Product brochure
1 Order Sheet

Tip: Do this when you have some patience, and someone to help you out.

To get custom-fit nails, you have to take impressions which are then sent to Custom Nail Solutions. The process takes about 10 minutes per nail, so I made this a random weeknight project with my hubby.

I can’t imagine sitting around waiting for each nail to cure with only one hand free to do the work on my own.

The process is pretty straightforward; roll the yellow putty with the white putty and put it in the nail tray. Then, make sure your finger lays flat in the finger tray and close with the putty ball over it. And, don’t move.

Don’t use too much putty either. You want to make sure you do GREAT impressions because this will totally affect the nails that are sent to you.

I should also mention that it’s super important to get a great manicure before doing this. You can do it yourself but in retrospect, I should have gone to the salon for a professional mani. That’s how you’ll get the best impressions.

Wait a few weeks and then, your kit will arrive. It looks like this:

custom nail solutions review

You can also customize the length and color of the nails you get.

custom nail solutions review

I ordered the Active length in a Squoval shape. You can also pick French or light pink and I chose the latter.

The color is a pretty pink that you can just add a bit of clear gloss to and you’re good to go. I was afraid the Sport length would be too short so went with the second shortest length, Active, and found them to be WAY too long.

I’m a gel mani kind of girl and not at all a fan of hearing the click-clack of nails all day long when I’m typing so I had to file them down considerably. This was my fault (not theirs) I just wish I hadn’t chosen such long nails as I don’t like the faux appearance.

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this Custom Nail Solutions review.

custom nail solutions review

custom nail solutions review

custom nail solutions review


  • I love the idea that these nails are custom fit and aren’t just a one-size-fits-all acrylic. Plus for just $129, it’s way cheaper than jetting to the salon to get your nails done all the time.
  • Indestructible nails? Yes, please! These babies are touted to last forever and they will replace a nail if one breaks.
  • The entire experience made me feel like I’m in art class.
  •  I love that they come with a nail stand to paint them on. I can’t paint my own nails to save my life, gluing them on to the stand made it super easy. I’m sure it’s awesome if you’re into nail art, too. Tip: Let nails dry overnight. And use Scotch Adhesive Dots to secure them to the nail stands, not glue.
  •  The polish went on so smoothly and turned out gorgeous. Seven days and no chipping yet!

custom nail solutions nail stand


  • I did not fare well in art class…
  • Impressions can be tricky and take a bit of patience to make.
  • The nails are really thick, much thicker than acrylics
  • Fake is fake is fake. So yes, they look like fake nails

Bottom line: If you love acrylics, you’ll love these. They’re better for your nails, easy to do, custom fit, last forever and will save you so much money over time.

If you’re a manicure/gel mani kind of girl, you probably won’t like these. They’re definitely thicker than normal acrylic nails so if that’s something that might bother you or you pick at your nails, you’re probably better off getting manicures.

My biggest complaint is that you need to be super careful with your impressions; I had two that did not fit my nail at all and had to do my impressions on those nails again. They were super helpful about it, but did let me know that for a normal customer you would get charged for this.

There are some salons in Texas that will do the impressions for you but otherwise, it’s up to you to do it right and if you screw it up, you’ll have to pay to get a new impression and try again.

I have to say, I think I’m the only beauty blogger that had this problem, so I could just be a nail impression dummy. Otherwise, I’ve been wearing the nails for seven days and have ZERO chips!

What do you think? Would you give these a go? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. I would definitely give this nail option a go. I appreciate your honesty about the thickness of the nail, because that is always a concern (even when getting acrylic nails). I used to wear acrylic nails for years and had a good manicurist that used a special file to file down the thickness of the nail on the underside of the tip of the nail. I have since been using Virtual Nails, which were a very thin option to the acrylic nail. They were essentially a sturdier press on nail that you changed out every 2-3 weeks (EASILY removable with acetone polish remover). Although they were much less expensive than having a full acrylic nail set done, it still added up over time. Having this non-destructible option available a no brainer. Similar to how you filed down your nails to your desired length, I will most likely have the underside of the tip of the nail slightly thinned out by my manicurist. Thanks for all the heads up on the process of doing the nail impressions.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lisa. Good luck! Please feel free to come back and let everyone know if you ended up liking it or not.

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