4 Things You May Not Know About Switching to Natural Deodorant

switching to natural deodorant: 5 things you may not know

We celebrated my birthday this year with a girls spa day at the Phoenician (P.S. amazing), and got into a locker room convo about switching to natural deodorant. They had this sea salt spray mist in the spa that was delightful, and we all got to chatting about our own trials and errors in switching to natural deodorant.

The resounding consensus was “It doesn’t really work”. And, it being summer in Arizona I was a little nervous to try. But I’ve been wanting to switch to natural deodorant for awhile now–or at least try–since there’s some pretty nasty stuff lurking in traditional deodorants. So I gave it a go.

If you’re thinking of switching to natural deodorant or looking for the best one to try, here’s 4 things you may not know about making the switch.


4 Things You May Not Know About Switching to Natural Deodorant

You’ll still sweat

A chemical anit-perspirant is made to stop you from perspiring, while a natural deodorant blocks smell, not sweat. So yes, you’re going to sweat. And as long as it’s blocking the smell, then it is working.

This may take some getting used to, it did for me, but when you think about it, how healthy could it possibly be to stop your body from sweating altogether?

Chemical deodorants actually block your sweat ducts with aluminum, which may or may not have some scary side effects.

The primary concern is that it’s absorbed into the body and could possibly lead to breast cancer development–yikes!

There are other chemicals lurking in your deodorant that may or may not bother you, like parabens (a known endocrine disruptor) and phthalates.

So before you try that new natural deodorant and say it “doesn’t work” realize that you’re still going to sweat. 

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You may need to detox your armpits

Say, what?!

Well, we all do face masks, so why not an armpit mask?

The idea behind this is it can take your body awhile to adjust to a non-chemical deodorant. So, you might smell for a few days. And this is supposed to help stop the funk.

If you aren’t sure where to start with an armpit detox, Carolina from Mama Instincts has an easy-to-follow DIY armpit detox recipe. She says, “The build-up of toxic chemicals may be the reason why your armpits have a strong odor.”

Jules from Om & The City Blog also has an armpit detox guide that includes tips like exfoliating, masking and cleansing the area. With masking, she says that, “This helps release toxins in a way that just plain soap in the shower can’t do.”

I personally haven’t tried an armpit detox, but so many women swear by it!

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Natural doesn’t equal aluminum-free

Why do you want to switch to natural deodorant? Is it specifically something aluminum-free you’re looking for or do all the chemicals freak you out? 

Pay attention to your labels as not all natural deodorants are aluminum-free. 

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You may need to try several until you find one that works

This one is kind of a bummer, because you may be disappointed b the first go-round and declare natural deodorants don’t work for you.

But the fact is, just like shopping for a new concealer, these kinds of things are all personal preference. And what might work for me may not work for you. 

I got lucky and fell in love with the first natural deodorant I tried (more on that below.) But I tried a few others I didn’t love as much! 

The Best Natural Deodorants That Actually Work

You didn’t think I’d write this whole post without actually having test-driven natural deodorants, right?! 

I tried several, and I’ll give you the rundown below. But the winner that I swear by and have been using for almost a year is CRYSTAL deodorant

CRYSTAL has actually been around since the 80s and is an actual crystal you rub on your armpits. A natural mineral salt crystal that actually works!

One stick can last you a year, and I love and have gotten used to the unscented version. I first started using it in the summer (while working from home) and I can certainly say it took maybe a week or so to get used to. 

But I didn’t smell. 

And now, I actually much prefer using CRYSTAL over my old deodorants that are smelly and go on white/clear/sticky, whatever. 

You have to rub CRYSTAL on wet, so it’s best right after a shower. I just use a small baby washcloth under my arms before applying in the morning. 

A $7 deodorant that lasts up to a year is certainly a deal you can’t beat! 

Other Natural Deodorants I Tried

The other popular deodorant I tried was Native–and so many people swear by it! 

It’s more of a creamy texture but after using CRYSTAL for so long, I didn’t like it. And I HATED the smell. I don’t need my armpits to smell like a cupcake, thank you very much. 

It’s all personal preference of course, but this is what I’ve switched to and what works for me. 

I’ve also heard fantastic things about Kopari, which is the next natural deodorant I’d like to try. 

Shop the Best Natural Deodorants

Have you tried switching to natural deodorant? Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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what you may not know about switching to natural deodorant

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  1. I recently featured my experience with natural deodorants and Crystal was one of my favorites as well! Its definitely important to detox the underarms to have the best results!

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