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kendra scott jewelry

One of my favorite things about being a writer is getting the chance to meet so many talented, fascinating people. Last month, I was invited to a quick preview of the new Kendra Scott jewelry store at Scottsdale Quarter which is just dripping in gorgeousness. I also had a chance to chat with Kendra herself, who started the line in 2002 with just $500. You’ve likely seen her pieces on the red carpet or at stores like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and boutiques where the line is carried. Lucky for us, a new boutique has opened up right in our backyard.

kendra scott scottsdale quarter

kendra scott jewelry scottsdale

kendra scott earrings

kendra scott earrings

kendra scott store scottsdale quarter

Kendra Scott jewelry has been a longtime favorite of mine for its fashion forward style and decent price point. I love the bold pieces, colorful stones and how modern and wearable all of the pieces are. The earrings, especially, are a must-see.

At Kendra Scott, you can customize your jewelry pieces at their color bar. It’s a fun, interactive station full of iPads where you pick the stones of your choice, chosen metal (gold or silver) and customize whatever piece you please.

kendra scott color bar

While checking out the store, I had a chance to chat with Kendra about her inspiration for her collections, how she balances it all and the real reason why she chose to open up a store in sunny Scottsdale. Read on for the interview, below!

kendra scott and marlene montanez

{Hangin’ with Kendra Scott. Please excuse the horrible hair day!} 

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Everywhere! I was just recently in Bali so our summer collection has lots of Balinese influence to it. We use a lot of beautiful shapes that I saw in different temples and things like that. I think the thing that influences me most is our customers. Meeting these women, they’re so amazing they have such great energy and their own personal style and a lot of times I’m inspired by them and what I want to design.

Q. What’s your typical Kendra Scott customer? 

We don’t have a “demographic” we have a “pyshcographic”. She’s 14 to 80 years old. We have a broad range of ages but she has a personality type that’s similar. She’s fun, outgoing, not afraid to express herself through fashion and she loves color! Our girls that wear Kendra Scott have a personality: they’re not afraid to get noticed, they’re not wallflowers, they like attention. I look at ladies that are 14 and those that are in their 60s and it’s the same woman, she’s just evolved over the years.

Q. What’s your best selling piece?

Our “Danielle” earring is the most recognizable Kendra Scott piece. You’ll see it in our line every single year; it will never go away.

Kendra Scott Danielle earring

Q. What’s your favorite piece? 

That’s like asking which child is your favorite! I always love what’s new because I’m excited about the new collections. Right now, I’m loving holiday, I’m wearing it like crazy! It has that art deco influence but also that rocker-chic with our studs and mixed with our new gray stone. I’m wearing this grey slate like every day, I absolutely love it.

Q. If you could only wear one type of accessory, what would you pick? Earrings? Necklace? Rings? 

Definitely earrings. I’ll never leave the house without earrings on even if I’m going to the gym, I’ll wear my studs. I have to wear earrings, I feel like I’m naked without them! That’s my one staple piece.

kendra scott earrings

Q. Why did you decide to open up a boutique in Scottsdale?

It’s one of my favorite places to come and visit! My pre-fall collection was inspired by a trip here, it’s this Navajo-chic collection we did. I was spending time here and looking around and seeing the women in Scottsdale/Phoenix and they are our customer; they are beautiful, fashion-forward, they get dressed when they go out, they care about what they look like. It’s a very fashionable group of women here.

Q. Can we expect to see other accessory items in the future? 

I think we’ve just begun with jewelry. I’m excited to hopefully launch a few more collections in 2014. I can’t tell you yet, but it will be in the world of accessories. I think our style, our look can be translated into other looks very easily.

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the store yet, you can pop by the Spring Preview Party and Grand Opening celebration tonight from 6pm to 9pm! But be forewarned gals, there are loads of beautiful baubles to behold. That and some bubbles and bites are in store, too.

kendra scott spring preview party

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