Trunk Club Maternity-Friendly Trunk

Trunk Club maternity, inside my latest trunk from Trunk Club for women where I requested bump-friendly styles ! Click to see the full Trunk Club haul

If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, you already know I’ve been using Trunk Club on and off for the past year or so. So when I got pregnant, I of course turned to my stylist for a Trunk Club maternity-friendly trunk!

I will preface this by saying that I do purchase a lot of non-maternity clothes while I am pregnant. There are just so many flowy styles out there that I’d rather buy something I can wear now and post pregnancy than only when I’m pregnant. Especially in the beginning when you aren’t really showing yet, transitional styles are really key.

Trunk Club Maternity

So does Trunk Club have maternity clothes? The short answer, yes, but it is a somewhat limited supply.

Trunk Club has access to what Nordstrom carries, so when my stylist first sent me my trunk to preview she included nursing bras and tanks that Nordstrom has. I declined these as I didn’t really need them yet and instead wanted to see transitional styles that would get me through the first 5 months or so! You know, cute clothes that would hide the bloat and make me feel stylish, too.

Here is everything that was in my Trunk Club maternity-friendly trunk.

Trunk Club review, red ruffle sleeve dress. Click to see the rest of the outfits in this trunk!


The best off the shoulder tunic! Obsessed with this Free People tunic that was in my trunk from Trunk Club for women. Click to see the rest of this haul

{Tunic. Obsessed}

Cute tee from Trunk Club. Click to see the rest of what is in this Trunk from Trunk Club for women!


Cute comfy sweatshirt. Click to see the rest of my haul in this trunk from Trunk Club for women


Cute free people floral tunic from Trunk Club for women. Click to see the rest of what came in this trunk from Trunk Club!


chelsea28 lasercut mini dress. Click to see the rest of this Trunk Club maternity friendly haul!

Bump friendly non-maternity dresses from Trunk Club! Click to see the rest of this haul


Trunk Club maternity, this Felicity & Coco dress is non-maternity but bump-friendly! Click to see the rest of this Trunk Club haul


Vince camuto black shift dress from Trunk Club. Click to see the rest of my Trunk Club haul


Embroidered shift dress from Trunk Club for women. Click to see the rest of my Trunk Club haul


Free People isabella tunic, click to see more photos from my Trunk Club maternity-friendly haul!

{Tunic. My favorite piece!}

Inside my Trunk Club January Trunk

For my January trunk, I specifically requested clothes that were transitional and bump-friendly. So everything you see in the pics and below is non-maternity! I like to purchase non-maternity when I can because I just can’t stand paying for maternity clothes that you wear for three months and that’s it. Yes, you need essentials (like tanks and jeans) but you can easily get by on flowy tops and shift dresses. For reference, I was about 15 weeks pregnant in these photos.

This was definitely one of those trunks where I sent back a few pieces that I maybe could or should’ve kept. But sometimes I like to keep my budget conservative and not go crazy overboard. Here’s exactly what I kept and returned:

Shop my Trunk

Whether you’re pregnant or not, Trunk Club is a great way to shake up your closet. They have a great referral program too; if you sign up with my link I get a small credit and for everyone who signs up with your link you get a credit, too!

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Any questions about Trunk Club? Let me know in the comments below! You can try it out here and read my full review here. 

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