How to Use Trunk Club Like a Pro

How to use trunk club like a pro, my best tips, tricks & secrets for making sure you get the absolute best trunk!

My first Trunk Club for Women review was so popular, I thought I’d post a follow-up on my experience with my 2nd and 3rd trunk. Hopefully this answers a lot of your questions, too, since I had several come in!

What is Trunk Club for Women?

If you’re not familiar with Trunk Club for Women, read this post first.  It is a personal styling service, similar to the likes of Stitch Fix, where you get sent a box of clothing hand-picked for you. You keep what you love and send back what you don’t!

My favorite part is that you not only get a full trunk of items to make a complete outfit, tops, skirts, dresses, accessories, shoes, even purses!

Trunk Club is also owned by Nordstrom so you know you are getting quality, name-brand clothes.

My 2nd Trunk from Trunk Club

My first trunk from Trunk Club was a total hit. But unfortunately, my stylist went on maternity leave and never came back.

My second trunk was a bit of a different story. I was notified by email that I would be getting a new stylist and she got all the information I gave to my first one. She called me to chat over the phone as well to ask me about my needs. I would definitely recommend being really, really clear about your over phone and email. I mentioned that it was spring/summer in AZ and got a lot of jackets in my preview trunk. Well, that might work for the rest of the country but spring/summer in AZ is not layering weather! Here’s my second trunk:

The good news is, you can now review all of your pieces for approval before they are sent to you in the Trunk Club app. So it was really easy to give feedback right away. I kept this Free People top from my 2nd trunk and sent the rest back.

Aside from the long-sleeve clothes and jackets, there were also a lot of party dresses I just didn’t need.

My 3rd Trunk from Trunk Club

After I talked to my stylist about my second trunk, she sent me a 3rd follow-up trunk right away. This one was spot-on, exactly what I needed! I sent my feedback via the Trunk Club app and ended up keeping a number of items from my 3rd trunk. Here is everything that was in my third trunk:

I kept the Kate Spade earrings (which are on sale right now for $29!), the Madewell shorts which are so comfy and I love (size down mine are an extra small), the Halogen tank and the Splendid sandals.

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How to Get the Most Out of Trunk Club for Women

I’ll admit, it can take a bit of trial and error. So in efforts to save you from doing so, here are some tips on how to get the best trunk ever from Trunk Club:

  • It may be a learning curve with your stylist in the beginning so be patient and be specific!
  • Be honest about what you are willing to pay for something, like really honest. I once kept nothing but a $20 tank!
  • Be realistic about your needs. If you are a work at home mom like me, you probably don’t need a bunch of cocktail dresses so don’t even bother looking at them!
  • Know your size
  • Refer your friends! You’ll get a $50 referral credit every time you do. More on that below.
  • Be specific on your feedback in the app. I say things like “I like this but don’t need it right now” or “I own something similar” so she gets to know my taste
  • Share bloggers whose style you like so your stylist can get to know what you like
  • Consider creating a Pinterest board with outfits you are drawn to
  • If there’s anything you’ve been eyeing at Nordstrom, ask for it!
  • Be open-minded about trying new things; if you aren’t sure when you preview your trunk, say yes and try it IRL
  • Link your Nordstrom card to your Trunk Club purchases, you’ll start accruing credit toward Nordstrom Notes!

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Trunk Club for Women Referral Program

Trunk Club has a pretty fantastic referral program; for every friend you refer (who ends up making a purchase) you get a $50 credit. Trust me, those can add up fast! And who doesn’t want free clothes?! So yes, if you feel like giving it a go after this review, please feel free to use my personal link here.


I hope that answers any questions/doubts about Trunk Club for Women and how to use it best. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below! And if you’ve tried it I want to hear, how did you like it??

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