Pregnancy Update: 32 weeks pregnant

32 week pregnancy update {Top: Ingrid & Isabel. Jeans: AG Jeans (non-maternity here)}

Hello, 32 weeks pregnant! It’s been about 6 weeks since the last pregnancy update—yikes! You can check out Our announcement here,22 week update here, 26 week update here. 

How far along are you? 32 weeks pregnant! I’m about two weeks late on my pregnancy update–sorry! I am in my 8th month.

Symptoms? Third trimester insomnia has officially kicked in! It’s hard to get comfortable and curb the anxiety. When Sebastian wakes up, it’s SO hard to turn my brain off and get back to sleep. And I’m a light sleeper so if I hear him or the pets I’m up and not happy about it. I’ve been clocking in about 5 hours lately which sucks.

Cravings? Nothing in particular, not really starving these days which is nice.

Exercise? The only “exercise” I’m doing is a fun pelvic tilt I’ve been told to do twice a day because baby hasn’t turned yet. It gives me a bit of a headache and is not very fun. She still has lots of time to turn so not stressing about this at the moment.

32 week pregnancy update

Weight gain/loss: About 23 pounds

Maternity clothes? It’s getting really hot and I feel like NOTHING fits. Shorts aren’t comfortable and neither are dresses (thank you, thighs) and the problem with jeans is it’s just too hot. I haven’t bought anything new maternity-wise but have been eyeing a new swimsuit. In the meantime, I just wear whatever bikinis I already have and rock the bump.

Belly button? Still in! But I’m starting to feel rather huge. I’m nervous that I still have 8 weeks left to grow!

Baby is the size of: a squash

Sleep?: No. Ugh.

Labor signs: No. But nursery decorating is in full swing!! I can’t wait to share and am so excited about how it’s turning out. I sometimes post sneak peeks on my Insta. 

Wedding rings: On

Movement: She is trying to break free, I am sure of it! I’m starting to panic I’m going to get horrible stretch marks from all of the stretching she’s doing. She is currently laying transverse and really looks to push against my right side until it bulges out. For those that have asked, this is the cream I use and recommend.

Comments, advice, questions? Please pop any and all below! I’m sure I’m just a few short months weeks from losing my mind to a chaotic house with two little ones!

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