50+ Pretty in Pink Barbie pink nail Ideas

It is no secret that this summer is the summer of all things Barbie! And whether you are a Barbie pink girl or not, everyone loves that perfect pink manicure from time to time.

There are endless ideas of what you can do for a pink nail look, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ways to incorporate pink into your manicure this summer.

From hot pink, to glitter details, to the perfect classic French tip, you will make Barbie proud with any of these looks.

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Starting with maybe the PERFECT Barbie hot pink, I love this bright look for summertime! Try a rounded almond shape like this to get that doll-like effect.

If you aren’t a hot pink kind of girl, try a soft, creamy pink like this one! It is still bright and pops all year long.

I love this example of a bright pink that isn’t too dark or light. A soft, neon pink like the examples below are great and brightens any skin tone.

If you want to feel like a professional Barbie, try something a little more muted and office appropriate like this raspberry pink.

One of my absolute favorite ways to have fun with a simple manicure, is to mix up the shades. A Barbie-inspired look is PERFECT for this! Choose 5 of your favorite shades of pink and just go for it.


If you want to jump on this Barbie trend, but neutral nails are more your thing, try a soft pink like this one!

A few coats of a pretty light pink polish can help achieve this look. Or, ask your salon for a soft, natural pink dip powder and do just a few layers.

If you want to do a neutral look but make it a bit more fun, add some delicate white details! I love this French tip pink nail design idea as it’s classic, feminine, and fun!

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Does anything scream Barbie more than pink glitter? There are so many fun ways to incorporate glitter into a pink nail look. One of my favorites is adding just a few nails of solid glitter to your pink manicure like this!

For something a bit more subtle, but still just as fun, choose a pink nail polish with a light glitter mixed in like these options. This may be my favorite type of glitter manicure!

sparkle gel barbie nail polish
Pink Sparkle Jelly Gel Nail Polish

Don’t be afraid of a chunky glitter like this one! If you do a bold glitter, you can try to tame it down with softer shades of pink and other delicate details like these ideas!


If you want a super fun design that incorporates glitter, I LOVE this look! Ask for a full glitter set and then add a regular light pink on top of any type of design you prefer–it’s so fun!

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The chrome nail trend has been a favorite the past year, so why not keep it going by Barbie-fying it! Adding a pink chrome on top of pretty much any shade of pink is going to create a beautiful, girly look. I LOVE this chrome topper on this light pink shade.

If you want something a little closer to a true Barbie pink, go electric with a shade like these!

The little star details on these chrome nails take the Barbie theme to the next level!

These are so fun, without being too cutesy, and you can add this star detail to any shade of pink.

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French tips are back in style–maybe stronger than ever!

And taking a Barbie-themed twist on this classic look could not be more fitting! A simple pink French tip like this may be the most Barbie nail of all time!

For a modern take on a classic Barbie girl look, try a neutral base with a hot pink tip.

A French tip outline like this one is another fun spin on the French tip look.

I like the idea of a hot pink version for anyone who wants a pink look without committing to SO much pink.

This ornate twist on the French tip is so fresh and modern with these gorgeous pearl details!

This could be the perfect pink nail idea for a Barbie-loving bride, or any special event!

For those of us who LOVE color and always have a hard time committing to just one shade of pink, a two-tone French tip is the perfect option!

You can really do any combination of any two shades of pink here!

Another great option for the indecisive: this gorgeous pink rainbow French tip nail set.

Shades of pink paired together is a foolproof way to add a fun, unique design to your nails.

Add in a touch of white, lavender, or pale orange to make those pinks pop even more!

Another fun twist on a French tip is this adorable heart detail! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your French tip look!

An ombre French tip is always a stunning option.

While we usually see it in a natural pink or nude and white, why not try it with pink!

Any subtle white or nude shade paired with pink will look so cute with this technique!

Once again, we are reminded that nothing screams Barbie more than pink glitter!

Try adding a touch of glitter to your French tip set like this example!

If you can’t commit to a glitter tip, pairing a full glitter nail with your classic French tip is another fun option.

This next inspiration pics combines so many of my favorite nail techniques mentioned in this post so far! A chrome pink French tip with a painter shimmer detail – could it get any cuter?

Malibu Barbie Nails

We can’t talk about Barbie nails without mentioning Malibu Barbie.

If you love the summery vibe of Malibu Barbie, you are going to love the inspiration from these next few photos! One of my favorite options is this press-on set from Glamnetic.

For another Malibu Barbie-inspired color scheme, try this set from OPI. It features the prettiest blue paired with classic Barbie pink to channel that perfect Barbie energy!

For my 90’s baby Barbie fans, this set is perfect. Try some teal and fun patterns mixed with pink to create a retro Barbie feel!

These next examples are perfect for any summertime beach vacation!

Play with swirly patterns, French tips, and holographic polishes to achieve a playful Barbie-inspired look.

Brighten up your pink manicure with a sky blue or bright teal shade.

Pink Nail Design Ideas

If you love a fun, playful nail design, look no further!

Starting with a trendy twist on the star detail we mentioned before, try this ombré and shimmer detail!

For something a bit more chic and subtle, try this nail outline.

This look is perfect if you want something a bit more unique than a classic French tip.

This look is the perfect way to ease into a hot or neon pink that may usually be a little out of your comfort zone!

Try a fun pattern like this on a natural base to really make that pink pop! For something even brighter, try a white or soft pink base.

How fun is this metallic star nail set?! I love the idea of featuring a bright pink metallic polish on a French tip for a fun summer nail idea!

The next few sets are the best example of more is MORE! These pink pattern sets show off so many fun designs for summer!

If you love the ease of a press-on nail with the fun of the patterns above, this set could not be more perfect and on theme for Barbie! This set features the prettiest light pink and abstract designs.

This is also a cute set if you and your little want to match!

How cute is this daisy nail design idea? Just pick two contrasting shades of pink to achieve this look.

Another way to add some fun florals to your Barbie set is a classic daisy look like this one. It just feels so classic, retro Barbie and could not be more perfect for summer.

This look is the best of both worlds. Pick out a few shades of solid pink and then play with stripes and swirls to achieve a modern, abstract look with your Barbie pink!

Pink Abstract Press On Nails

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