My Weekly Beauty Routine

weekly beauty routineweekly beauty routine

I am a vampire. My aversion to the sun isn’t that I’m a hermit, I’m just crazy about keeping my skin in tip-top shape and we all know the No. 1 thing that ages you is the sun! But aside from carrying an umbrella and vetoing sunbathing invites, I also have a weekly beauty routine to help keep my skin glowing.

skincare routine

A good weekly beauty routine doesn’t have to break the bank; in fact, a lot of the products I use are drugstore beauty buys! So when CVS wanted to partner on a post, it was an instant “yes”. I’m always at my local CVS Pharmacy shopping for much more than just a prescription; it’s walking distance from my house, they’re open late, have tons of high-end skincare and beauty products. Plus, I can pick up diapers while I’m there too–total win!

weekly beauty routine


If you don’t have a weekly beauty routine, I highly recommend one.  It’s a great way to stay on top of your skin and carve out some time for yourself. Here’s mine to give you an idea of what your weekly beauty routine could look like.

My Weekly Beauty Routine

Weekly Mask

vichy double glow face mask

Sunday evenings are my beauty days; it’s a nice way to end the weekend and carve out time for myself to do the things I don’t want hubby around for–like a good face mask!

There are a few masks I rotate through depending on what my skin’s doing. One of my current favorites is this Vichy Double Glow Facial Peel Mask. I know it can be hard to find a good face mask since it’s all personal preference, which is why I love that anything I buy at CVS is risk-free. So if you try it and end up hating it, you can take the product back for a refund. It’s part of their 100% satisfaction Beauty Guarantee.

cvs sheet masks review

Throughout the week,  I also love a quick pick-me-up with eye or sheet masks! These are usually small splurges for me and I’ll just grab what catches my eye, and what my skin is in the mood for. CVS has a ton of these under their Beauty 360 brand and for $5, it’s a great budget beauty buy! I typically snag one whenever I happen to pop in.

A Good Soak

lavender bath salts

I’m a bath person. But then, I had a baby. Suddenly my bath was taken over and I must admit that seeing your bathtub overflow with toys doesn’t exactly make it appealing. Now that my tot is 2, he’s kinda lost interest in bubble baths and prefers a shower–which means I’ve got my bath back! I may not soak as often as I’d like but when I do, I reach for something soothing like this Foaming Bath Soak with lavender and rosemary oil or tried and true Dr. Teal’s (this was my nightly go-to when I was pregnant!).

Attend to Nails

weekly beauty routine | nail trends

weekly manicure

I’m a gel manicure girl but I do take a break every few weeks to let my nails “breathe”. When I tend to them myself, I use the Sally Hansen gel manicure kit which is literally nail polish for dummies. I seriously cannot paint my nails to save my own life but when I do, this kit is perfect. It dries like gel and since my patience matches that of my two-year-old, this stuff works. I tend to pick up a new color whenever I pop into CVS or a pretty bottle of Essie or OPI polish for my next pedicure.

Monthly Makeup Brush Cleaning

weekly beauty routine | makeup brush cleaner

Let’s be real, you aren’t cleaning your makeup brushes as often as you should be–I know you aren’t! But you should be doing this on a monthly basis at least. Another great brand that’s exclusive to CVS is Makeup Academy. Their Brush Cleansing Balm makes it quick and easy to stay on top of this little chore. If you build it into a monthly or weekly beauty routine, you won’t forget!

CVS is offering an exclusive coupon to my readers so you can get your own beauty routine in place! Use code 5OFF at checkout to save on your next order. 

 Do you have a weekly beauty routine? What beauty rituals do you have? 

This post was sponsored by CVS Pharmacy. All opinions are 100% my own.

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