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Whether you’re covered up in spit up or dealing with juggling #allthethings, every mom deserves a little bit of luxury in her everyday life. That’s exactly what she’ll find here, along with all of the tips, products and brands that will help her do so. 

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DA: 52
81% Female
50% Ages 25-44
4m35s Avg. session duration

With a strong Domain Authority and more than 60% organic traffic, blog posts are an excellent opportunity for long-term exposure and evergreen content placements. 

Ask about Google Web Stories, a new opportunity! A recent partner garnered 73,000 impressions + 6%CTR!   


10 Million+ Monthly Viewers
50K Saves
62K Outbound Clicks
88.2% Female
36% Ages 25-34


  • 14,000 Avg. Monthly Views
  • 3,485 Subscribers
  • 12.6K Unique Viewers per Month
  • 35.5% ages 25-34
  • 34.2% ages 35-44
  • 84% Female
  • 51% U.S. 

YouTube is in its infancy and seeing excellent growth and a high number of hours viewed per month. It’s an excellent opportunity for early partnership features! 


55% U.S. Audience
60% Ages 25-44
92% Women
8.1% Phoenix/Scottsdale

With Instagram’s ever changing algorithm, campaigns work best with allocated ad budget to target a specific audience! This account also has a high Arizona-based audience. 


35% ages 35-44
90% Women
20% Arizona

Facebook sees above average engagement for family-type content. It’s also a great opportunity to target an Arizona/California audience. 


3,400+ Subscribers

30-40% Open Rate

2-3% Avg. CTR

Email newsletter goes out weekly. Ask about sponsored placements and dedicated email opportunities! 

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brand work

Keep scrolling for a sample portfolio of sponsored campaigns. From sponsored blog posts to video campaigns, there are many ways to partner and showcase your brand. 


All blog posts feature SEO written content using keyword research that brings in evergreen traffic year after year. As a former magazine editor and freelance journalist, each story is written with an editorial flair and storytelling techniques, resulting in authentic brand messaging that connects with the Life with Mar audience.

Content pillars include: Fashion, beauty, home decor, motherhood and lifestyle topics. Click through to be taken directly to the post.

Social media

Integrating brands in an authentic way that seamlessly blends with everyday content is at the heart of all sponsored social media posts. Hover over the images to see more details; images linked directly to social media posts when clicked.

video + on-air appearances

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Please contact me at [email protected] for rates.

Sponsored Blog Post

  • SEO-Optimized Content
  • 3-5 High-res Styled Images
  • Social Media + Newsletter Amplification

Sponsored video

  • YouTube Videos
  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Stories
  • Amazon Live

social media

  • Instagram 
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube


  • Articles, blog posts or other copy written by a professional journalist.
  • Image or video assets created for your use


  • Long-term partnership with repeated exposure across multiple platforms.
  • Starting at 6+ months minimum committment.

What they're saying....

so scottsdale magazine featre

“For Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Marlene Srdic, style is at the heart of what she does day to day.”

SO! Scottsdale Magazine

“I love you. Moving to Arizona from Chicago and I haven’t got a clue what to wear–thank you for existing!  ”

 Greta (reader email)

Life with Mar Media Kit

Arizona Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

I’m a former magazine editor (15+ years!) turned Content Creator and creative entrepreneur.

I started this space as a place to share my experience working as an editor as I felt like there were so many great stories left unpublished on “the cutting room floor”.

There was also a huge void in the media industry of wearable fashion everyday women could actually wear.  

From that, my fashion blog was born as a place where Millenial women could find wearable outfits, relatable advice with a blend of luxury indulgences. 

You can learn more about me here. 


“Marlene is a sharp, witty writer whose blog has brought a lot of great exposure for LATHER. She’s a total pro with a vast knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry.”

– Lori M. for LATHER

rimmel london scandal eyes

“Partnering with Marlene for the Rimmel London campaign was a real delight. Her prompt replies, creativity and understanding of both her readers and the brand’s intentions proved to be a cornerstone of success for the campaign. Her distinct style and key eye for aesthetic really sets her blog apart as a chic, fun, respectable online publication for women. ”

– Kelly E. Giant Media for Rimmel London


Scottsdale, Arizona