{Interview} Tim Gunn’s Style Rules

In my line of work, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet and interview some pretty amazing fashion pros. Simon Doonan. Ralph Rucci. Christian Louboutin. And, most recently, Tim Gunn.

Me with Simon Doonan

The style guru was in Scottsdale recently for a fashion show at Scottsdale Fashion Square. He was incredibly chatty and an absolute pleasure to speak with. You can catch my full interview here and I’ve pasted a few exclusive quotes for you below.

Me with Tim Gunn

On trends he likes best: “One thing that I’m very happy about is that a lot of classic items are back: blazers, trench coats, classic silhouettes. These are items that should be in your wardrobe as long as you pay attention to color and pattern. The industry wants to wake people up and you have to be very mindful of your own coloring in respect to the coloring of the garment, and also your own size and scale in relation to prints.”

On his ultimate style rule: “My refrain is try it all! Look at yourself in a full-length mirror, preferably a three-way mirror and look at yourself critically and objectivally.”

On whether prints can be classic: “Providing it’s the right print, prints can have staying power. This is where petite women can be challenged by prints because prints tend to overwhelm them. Larger women can have the same issue so it’s a matter of scale in relation to you and I would say that a printed top or skirt is a safer bet than a dress because you can change it up with the other item.”

On if he wasn’t in the fashion industry: “I would probably be doing more writing, which I really love to do”

For the full interview and Tim Gunn’s three universal style rules, click here.

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