2015 Year in Review

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This year, I started off the with one word in mind: Simplify. And now that 2016 is around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about that word, what’s next for 2016 and whether or not I achieved my goals. The short answer is, it’s an ongoing process. But I’m feeling pretty satisfied with the things I have done to simplify my life:

  • Turn off email push notifcations
  • Give myself permission to do nothing and relish in it
  • Set and stick to set work hours
  • Stop seeking out the perfect wardrobe and instead, simplify and work with what I have
  • Say “no” when there’s no room instead of squeezing every little thing in
  • Separating work from personal life. This is always a work in progress of course, but I am trying my best to be off the clock when I’m off the clock and give Sebastian and my family my undivided attention. This way, everyone wins.

2015 year in review

  • Relinquishing control: I can’t do everything by myself all the time.
  • Starting a morning routine: Being consistent with this is difficult, I’m naturally a night owl and babies wake up early! So it’s something I need to prioritize and work on because when I do stick to it, my days are remarkably different.


Some things that have helped me simplify:

  • I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and even though I have yet to implement all of her strategies, it’s definitely helped pare down my life
  • I unsubscribed to a lot of newsletters. Try unroll.me to help get rid of the clutter in a sec!
  • I started using Kayla Itsine’s BBG guides for a quick at-home 28-minute intense workout! (P.S. I love it)
  • I also mix it up with a monthly subscription to Daily Burn
  • To simplify and streamline my business, I subscribed to 17 hats. It.Is.Awesome and has totally changed my business.

srdic family

I don’t set New Year’s resolutions, but having a word to focus on throughout the year has definitely made a positive impact. I’m still working on my focus for 2016 but know that this idea of simplifying is something that will still be carried through.

Do you have your word for 2016 yet? 

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