How to Curate a Luxury Mother’s Day Gift Basket

how to curate a luxury mothers day gift basket

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If you’re looking for a way to celebrate mom this year that’s beyond flowers and a generic gift, consider putting together a luxury Mother’s Day gift basket!

I love the idea of celebrating mom with items that she’ll love and will make her feel extra special—things that are luxurious, spoil her, and all play nicely together as part of a luxe Mother’s Day gift basket.

It doesn’t have to be complicated; these ideas are here to inspire you, but you know your mom best! 

What I love about putting together a Mother’s Day gift basket is that it’s several personalized gifts and together, they just wow. 

Here’s how to curate your own Mother’s Day gift basket that your mom, sister or mom-friend will totally love!

How to Curate a Luxury Mother’s Day Gift Basket

how to curate a luxury mother's day gift basket

Start with the Card

Some years, I gift my mom flowers; some years, I go above and get several things. But the No. 1 thing I never skimp on is the card, which I always get from PAPYRUS® Greeting Cards.

Papyrus Mother's Day cards
Papyrus cards for Mother's Day

These luxury greeting cards are the prettiest out there, which is why we buy them for all special occasions. 

(My husband always gets me Papyrus cards, too, and gift wrap as he knows it’s something that really wows and impresses me!)

This year, I picked up my Papyrus card for my mom at my local Albertsons, along with a few other goodies for the gift basket, too. 

woman writing in Mother's Day card

The special message inside, along with what I write, is truly what she cherishes the most. 

And if you’re one of those that struggles with what to say, they all come with beautiful messages already. You can never go wrong with something handcrafted and so gorgeous! 

woman creating luxury Mother's Day gift basket

Pick a Color Scheme

To make your Mother’s Day gift basket really pop, decide and stick to a cohesive color scheme. 

Luxury Mother's Day gift basket ideas

That’s why I suggest picking out your card first so you can tailor the rest of the gift basket to coordinate with it.

For this gift basket, I selected items that were mostly pink, white, gold and green, since those were the colors of the card. And I found a few items to include from Albertsons while I grabbed the card! 

Sticking to a color scheme elevates the gift basket, and it’s really easy to do. 

what to include in a Mother's Day gift basket

Include Something Personal

Flowers, a card, and something like a luxe candle are pretty much givens, in my opinion. But if you can, try to include something personal, too.

photo in Mother's Day cards from Papyrus

A framed photo of you and mom, or with the grandkids, is a beautiful personal touch she’ll love. 

You can frame them, put together a nice calendar, or add something like a piece of jewelry, too. 

closeup of a luxury Mother's Day gift basket

Always Pamper Her

Mother’s Day is about being appreciative and spoiling mom—a girl always likes to be spoiled! 

Include a few items in the gift basket that will make her feel pampered, like luxe bath salts, silk pajamas, or a luxury robe. 

For my mom, that means always including a great bottle of champagne! We always love to share a bottle together on Mother’s Day. 

beautiful photo of grandmother, mom and daughter
Credit: Dream Photography Studio

Honor Your Mother

The relationship I have with my mom is one of the most important in my life—I want her to feel loved, cherished and adored on Mother’s Day. That’s why a beautiful card, personal touches, attention to detail and a few curated items that I know she’ll love are a great go-to for Mother’s Day. 

Papyrus Mother's Day cards at Albertsons
beautiful Mother's Day gift basket idea

Have you put together a gift basket for Mother’s Day? What are some items you would include? Be sure to remember a gorgeous card from Papyrus to tie the basket together!

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  1. I love Papyrus cards, but you have to be a VERY special person in my life to receive one from me because they are so expensive! Of course Mom makes the list 😉

  2. My mom kept all the cards I gave her for Mother’s Day and her birthday. When I lost her I found them all in a treasured box and it made me feel so good that she cared that much.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, thank you for sharing your story! My mom is very sentimental like that too and keeps her cards as well.

  3. What a precious gift idea! My mom has such unique taste that I’m always having trouble deciding what to get her – but she may just like this!

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