5 Ways to Stay Energized as a Busy Mom

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how to stay energized all day long with 5-hour energy tea

Let’s be real: the words “energy” and “Mom” do not play nicely together. Between late-night feedings or wakings (my son still wakes up and he’s 4!!) and general life demands, moms take on a lot.  

I kept a small tally this weekend—just for fun!—and counted 5 meals I had cooked in under 24 hours. This was by 8 a.m. Monday morning and doesn’t include snacks!

THIS is why Mother’s Day is such a big deal. But that’s a topic for another day….

Today, I wanted to share my 5 secrets to staying energized as a busy mom.

Between my business, this blog, my one-year-old, 4-year-old, dog, husband, etc. etc. etc. I HAVE to stay energized or everything will crash and burn. And I have a hunch your house is the same way.

Here are a few tricks to stay energized all day long!

busy mom yoga | tips to stay energized as a mom

Move Your Body

Exercise is the secret to just about everything. From having a more positive attitude to less stress and disease risk, I know you know the power of exercise. So yes, a brisk morning jog or a yoga class will keep you energized!  

But a workout doesn’t always happen, and that’s totally o.k. If I can, I try to do something quick yet efficient like a 28-minute workout on the Sweat app or a Daily Burn episode. If that doesn’t happen, my minimum commitment is five minutes of stretching. It’s an easy commitment to keep, will still give you some energy and put you in touch with your body.

Make it easy to stick to this habit; I keep my yoga mat in my office so I can take a quick break and stretch when needed. Sometimes it’s all I need to reset my mind and my body!

5-hour TEA energy shots

Try an Energy Shot

Whether you’ve hit an afternoon lull or need an a.m. boost, sometimes we need some extra energy in our lives. For that, I’ve been liking the  5-hour™ TEA shots, with caffeine from green tea leaves.

I am not one to consume coffee , so I love that this product gives me energy in a different way. Plus, there’s no added sugar and four calories! Now that’s something to get on board with.

stay energized with 5-hour TEA
5-hour TEA energy shots

You can get 5-hour TEA at most drugstores (find a location here); I grab mine at my local CVS.

There are also great flavor options like peach tea, raspberry tea, and lemonade tea; my personal favorite is the lemonade tea!

5-hour tea energy shots | how to stay energized as a busy mom

Set a Bedtime Alarm

I am a total night owl. I hate getting up and I hate going to bed!

We could binge watch Netflix or I could easily stay up late working on my blog.

But it does not make for nice mornings. Or productive ones, and lessons have been learned the hard way.

Committing to going to bed at the same time isn’t easy, but it makes a significant difference in how your energy will be throughout the day and the week.

To help get to bed on time, I use the Bedtime App on my iPhone and have a new rule in the house: no TV after 10 pm!

brunette woman in floral office snacking on snap pea crisps | how to stay energized as a busy mom

Snack Throughout the Day

It can be so easy to get caught up with the kids or work at my desk that I forget to eat. Guess what? Not only is it bad for you, but it’s also bad for your energy levels.

brunette woman in feminine office snacking on snap pea crisps | how to stay energized throughout the day as a busy mom

Make it easy by taking snacks with you or keeping some nearby. I keep some in my office so I don’t have to wander downstairs to find something and will stop to snack throughout the day. It really makes a difference in keeping my energy up!

woman outside with chihuahua | how to stay energized as a mom

Get Outside

You have to take a break for both your body and mind. There are apps that will remind you to stand if you’re into that kind of thing, I just use my dog.  She needs to get out anyway, and a few minutes of fresh air is good for the both of us!

chihuahua outside | how to stay energized as a mom

What are some ways that you keep your energy up throughout the day?

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  1. I like to get up just a few minutes before the kids. I have my coffee and do some yoga and it helps tons.

    1. I 100% agree. I try to do this and it makes SUCH a difference! The problem is my kids are such early risers, ugh.

  2. I’m not a mom yet, but my energy does get extra drained sometimes due to being busy. I’ll for sure be trying some of these tips! Xo

  3. 5 meals in under 24 hours is the number of meals I make minimum per child per day (x3) These are all such great tips! Moving my body and getting outside always energizes me!
    Xo, Deanie

  4. I may not be a mom, but I definitely am busy – all. the. time. So it’s nice to know something like this is an option! Thanks for all your tips as well!

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