15+ Stores like H&M for Trendy, Affordable Fashion

H&M is all about modern, trendy and super affordable pieces.

Over the years I’ve come to love H&M both for myself (great women’s fashion selection) and now for children’s outfits, too!

It’s just the right combination of cute basics and trendy items at a good price.

If you love H&M too, then you’ll love this list of stores like H&M to try.

And no, I’m not going to include the obvious ones like Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom Rack on this list. Instead, I hope you find some new stores to try that are a good alternative to H&M.

TL;DR? Here is the full list of stores similar to H&M:

  1. Zara
  2. Mango
  3. ASOS
  4. Revolve
  5. &Other Stories
  6. Lulu’s
  7. Storets
  8. Nasty Gal
  9. Red Dress
  10. VICI Collection
  11. J.ING
  12. Topshop
  13. Altar’d State
  14. Magnolia Boutique
  15. The Drop
  16. Dynamite

About H&M

Most people associate H&M with modern fashion, but the store itself actually goes all the way back to 1947!

The very first H&M store began with a store called Hennes, which opened in Sweden in 1947.

The brand was focused on womenswear and soon became known for stylish yet affordable clothing. It wasn’t until the 1960s that that the store became known as Hennes & Mauritz, which would later morph into H&M.

Today, H&M stores seem to have it all: cute and trendy fashions along with lifestyle and home decor items, all at prices that are affordable and reasonable!

If you love H&M, you might be asking yourself: where can I shop stores like H&M?

In this guide you’ll find the 17 best stores like H&M that are sure to help you find exactly what you need!


Zara is a fashion-forward brand that has been taking the world by storm since its inception in 1975.

The Spanish-based international retailer is known for its affordable fashion in chic designs.

Zara has become a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends with trendy clothes at low prices.

The brand’s success lies in its ability to provide high-quality clothing and accessories at reasonable prices, without compromising on style or design.

One of the most remarkable things about Zara stores is its fast fashion approach, which allows it to quickly respond to changing trends and provide customers with fresh and exciting products on a regular basis at a reasonable price.

This means that there’s always something new to discover at Zara, whether you’re looking for a statement piece to spice up your wardrobe or a classic staple to add to your collection.

While Zara is considered fast fashion, it is more expensive than some of the others on this list and more expensive than H&M.

That being said, I’ve bought some pieces from Zara that have lasted several years!

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Mango is a fast-fashion retailer that embodies the perfect combination of style and comfort. Founded in 1984, Mango has quickly grown to become a global fashion powerhouse that is loved by fashion-forward men and women around the world.

The brand’s mission is to provide trendy and affordable clothing, shoes, and accessories that make their customers feel confident and stylish.

Mango is also committed to sustainability; the brand uses eco-friendly materials and production techniques to minimize its environmental impact while still creating beautiful and high-quality products.

Mango is also a store similar to Zara. In fact, since it’s another Spanish-owned brand, many think Mango and Zara are one and the same but they aren’t!

From chic dresses and cozy sweaters to stylish accessories and shoes, Mango has all the pieces you need to create a trendy wardrobe.


ASOS is a fast-fashion giant with several brands under its belt. It’s a great place if you’re looking for the latest trends at super-affordable prices.

Although ASOS is popular among young adults (hello, student discount!), the brand actually reaches quite a range of demographics!

ASOS is all about diversity, inclusivity, and self-expression. With a wide range of sizes and styles, ASOS has become a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

In fact, I shopped ASOS maternity plenty when I was pregnant and I have bought a lot of their swimwear, too.

It’s also a great place for affordable special occasion dresses, too!

The brand’s mission is to empower their customers to express their individuality through fashion, offering everything from trendy streetwear to formal attire and everything in between.

One of the things that makes ASOS stand out is its commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion, which may sound like an oxymoron coming from a fast-fashion brand.

ASOS has pledged a commitment to pursuing production techniques that minimize its environmental impact while still creating stylish and high-quality products. You can learn more about their sustainability journey here.


If you’re familiar with Revolve then you may be surprised to see this online retailer on this list of stores similar to H&M but bear with me; Revolve has loads of trendy, of-the-moment clothes and if you know where to look, there are plenty of affordable finds, too!

Some of Revolve’s most affordable brands include Superdown, MORE TO COME, 1.STATE, ASTR The Label and more.

This trendsetting online store is one of my go-tos for a special occasion, vacation outfits and when I want something cute, trendy and high-quality.

From stylish dresses and edgy jumpsuits to trendy shoes, accessories and even beauty products, Revolve offers a variety of styles that are perfect for any occasion.


If you’re looking for a store like H&M that is pretty similar in style and price point, you’ll love some of the offerings at Lulu’s.

Lulu’s has a wide range of on-trend pieces that are perfect for any occasion. From formal dresses to casual tops, Lulu’s has something for everyone.

I’ve had really good luck with my Lulu’s fashion finds from summer dresses to cute skirts, too. It’s the perfect place and one of my go-tos when I want a cute dress under $100.

Lulu’s uses eco-friendly fabrics and materials whenever possible, making it a great choice for customers who want to make more sustainable fashion choices.

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&Other Stories

If you’re looking for sustainable fashion that is trendy but timeless, look no further than &Other Stories, which combines fashion, sustainability, and quality in a way that is truly unique and inspiring.

One major reason &Other Stories is a store similar to H&M is because the brand is owned by H&M!

The price point itself is a bit higher; summer dresses range from $99-$199.

Launched in 2013, the brand has quickly become a favorite of fashion-conscious individuals who are looking for something special that they can wear for years to come.

Another thing that makes &Other Stories stand out is its commitment to sustainability.

The brand uses eco-friendly materials and production techniques to minimize its environmental impact while still creating beautiful and durable products.

This makes &Other Stories a great choice for people who want to look good while doing good for the planet.


Basics with an edgy flare is what you’ll find at Storets. It’s quickly become a blogger-favorite brand!

From statement dresses and trendy tops to cozy sweaters and comfortable pants, Storets offers a variety of styles that are perfect for any occasion.

And, Storets pieces are high-quality and affordable, making it easy for fashion lovers to stay on trend without breaking the bank. The brand’s philosophy is “sophisticated fun”.

There is also a Storets Sustainable collection to shop from with loads of beautiful pieces.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is the OG online fashion brand that rose to popularity so quickly there’s been a book and Netflix show!

Nasty Gal has plenty of edgy, trendy and boho fashion at affordable prices.

nasty gal satin white ruffle dress

One of the things that makes Nasty Gal stand out is its commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

The brand offers a wide range of sizes to ensure that women of all shapes and sizes can find something that fits and makes them feel confident and beautiful.

From bold dresses and daring tops to statement accessories and edgy shoes, Nasty Gal offers a variety of styles that are perfect for those who love to push the fashion envelope.

Nasty Gal encourages women to be bold, fearless, and unapologetically themselves through fashion. Whether you’re on the hunt for festival outfits or need an affordable swimsuit, Nasty Gal has plenty to try.

Red Dress

Red Dress is another popular online fashion boutique that’s a favorite among fashion influencers. This feminine brand has loads of stylish pieces at an affordable price point!

From flowy dresses and colorful tops to statement jewelry and chic shoes, Red Dress offers a variety of styles that are perfect for any occasion.

The brand’s pieces are high-quality and affordable, making it easy for fashion lovers to stay on trend without breaking the bank.

VICI Collection

VICI Collection may be an influencer favorite, but there are plenty of trendy, cute, fashion-forward pieces that are reminiscent of things you may find at H&M!

My personal experience with VICI has been positive so far and I will have a full review out soon so stay tuned.

From flowy dresses and chic blouses to trendy jackets and comfortable loungewear, VICI Collection offers a range of styles that are perfect for any occasion.

One thing you’ll want to know about VICI is that new styles are constantly coming in so sometimes items can sell out quickly. You’ll want to act fast if you want your hands on something specific.

VICI Collection also has a “stylist box” that allows customers to receive a curated selection of pieces based on their individual style preferences.


Any fashion lover will love J.ING which combines classic elegance with modern trends, offering a unique collection of clothing and accessories that are sophisticated, elegant yet really affordable!

The brand’s pieces are designed with attention to detail and quality, ensuring that each item is both beautiful and durable.

One of the things that sets J.ING apart is its commitment to empowering women. The brand features female entrepreneurs, models, and influencers on its website, celebrating their success and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

From timeless blazers and chic dresses to trendy tops and statement accessories, J.ING offers a variety of styles that are perfect for any occasion.

What’s more, these classic and sophisticated styles are versatile and designed to be worn again and again, making them a great investment for any wardrobe.


Topshop is one of the best places to shop if you’re looking for a store like H&M.

This fashion brand has become a household name for fashion lovers around the world and is known for its trendy and edgy designs, offering a unique collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

While Topshop used to have a standalone storefront, you can now shop Topshop via ASOS or via Nordstrom.

In my experience, sizing can be a little odd so do pay special attention to the size chart.

From statement jackets and bold prints to chic dresses and stylish tops, Topshop offers a variety of pieces that are perfect for anyone looking to make a fashion statement.

Topshop is also comitted to sustainability. The brand has launched a “Fashion Footprint” program, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of its products and promote responsible fashion practices.

Altar’d State

Altar’d State is a fashion brand that combines bohemian style with a mission of giving back.

The brand’s pieces are designed to evoke a sense of adventure and wanderlust, featuring flowy dresses, embroidered tops, and unique accessories.

I’m a sucker for Altar’d State’s feminine aesthetics which has plenty of cute flirty skirts and dresses.

Altar’d State also is focused on philanthropy with its “Mission Monday” program, which donates a portion of sales to charitable organizations, making it easy for customers to give back while shopping for their favorite styles.

From beachy sundresses to cozy sweaters, Altar’d State offers a variety of pieces that are perfect for any occasion. I love the girly pieces and affordable price point!

Altar’d State also has inclusive sizing with their sister store, Arula, which focuses on mid-size and plus-size fashion.

Magnolia Boutique

Magnolia Boutique is a fashion brand that brings a fresh, trendy vibe to the world of fashion with its independent labels.

The brand’s pieces are designed to be fun, playful, and perfect for any adventure.

From flowy dresses to casual tops, Magnolia Boutique offers a wide range of styles that are both unique and comfortable.

Magnolia Boutique started in 2013 and has grown to be an influencer-favorite brand. You’ll find plenty of boho-inspired styles, and affordable yet trendy pieces to refresh your wardrobe.

Amazon The Drop

If you’re not new around here, you already know my love for The Drop, one of Amazon’s own in-house fashion brands.

This classic brand offers limited edition collection in partnership with select influencers as well as seasonal staples that are well-priced and great quality, making it easy for customers to stay stylish without breaking the bank.

If you’re interested in one of the influencer drops, which is only ever available for a limited time, be sure you are signed up for text alerts!

The Drop has a lot of casual wear that’s high quality (as in, stock up on basics!) and is also inclusive in sizing. The price range is generally under $100 and when it comes to basics, it’s definitely a store that’s similar to H&M.

Plus, you’ll get things fast and enjoy free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member!


My first experience with Dynamite was in Canada, but if there isn’t one near you definitely try shopping Dynamite online! Now, there are a few locations in the United States.

Dynamite is a Canadian fashion brand that offers trendy, fashion-forward clothing for women at really affordable prices (think $20 tanks and cute dresses under $100).

With a focus on modern and sophisticated styles, Dynamite is perfect for fashionistas who want to make a statement with their outfits.

From chic blouses to edgy leather jackets, Dynamite has everything you need to create a stylish, versatile wardrobe.

There are also plenty of affordable basics making Dynamite an excellent place to stock up for your next wardrobe refresh.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for stores like H&M, then you definitely won’t want to fast fashion brands listed above! They are each known for being trendy, fashionable–but best of all, affordable without sacrificing style or quality in the process.

Are there any clothing stores I missed that should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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