Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks Pregnant

39 weeks pregnant, pregnancy update

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We made it to 39 weeks pregnant! My water broke with my first at 39 + 1 and I heard second babies often come sooner, so to be honest I wasn’t sure I’d make it through this week! Now I’m wondering if I’ll be late, which I had never even considered before. Our son’s birthday is on Sunday, so it’s the one day I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t choose to arrive. But if she does, then I guess she does. We will have a very busy first weekend of August with birthday parties for awhile!

How far along are you? 39 weeks pregnant. Baby can show up pretty much any day now.

Symptoms? Insomnia, nighttime reflux, contractions are coming much more often, but nothing consistent yet.

Cravings? Is sleep a craving?

Exercise? Started walking the mall to see if it helps get things going.

Weight gain/loss: Up 26 lbs

Maternity clothes? I actually did a haul this weekend in search of nursing-friendly clothes. It’s something I didn’t really do with my first and kind of regretted it. I did buy normal clothes that were easy access, and have plenty of nursing tanks, but I’d like just a few pieces that are cute, trendy and nursing-friendly. In other words, pieces that aren’t plain clip-down nursing tanks (which are often ugly.)

I ordered this little black dress from ASOS, this nursing tee and this LBD. Any other places you recommend I check out for nursing-friendly styles?? It’s so hard to find things that are cute and a decent price!

Belly button? It’s kinda flat at this point.

Baby is the size of: My app estimates 7 lbs. and a mini watermelon!

Sleep?: No. Sleep is wretched. I can’t get comfortable, if I wake up I can’t get back to sleep and my toddler is regularly going to sleep at 1030 pm and waking up a million times a night until he sneaks into bed with us. It really, really sucks. This is probably the worst sleep “regression” or wall we’ve ever hit. No idea what to really do anymore about it.

Labor signs: 2-3cm dilated and 50% effaced. I declined cervical checks until reaching 39 weeks pregnant; my contractions have been more often, and sometimes hurt a bit so I wanted to know if they were doing anything. I’ve always gotten this shooting nerve pain at night which is becoming progressively worse. Sometimes I can’t straighten out my leg. I’m thinking baby has descended somewhere that makes a nerve unhappy.

Wedding rings: Off

Movement: She’s still rocking and rolling every night around 10 like clockwork! I don’t even have to check the time, I can tell what time it is when the dance party starts. It makes me think that when I do go into labor, it’ll be that same time. , we are almost there!

I haven’t hit that “please let this be over” point yet, just trying to be patient while she puts on a little weight. Hey, we are almost there!

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Comments, advice, questions? Please pop any and all below! I’m sure I’m just a few short weeks days from losing my mind to a chaotic house with two little ones!

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