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Flowers can eat up a huge part of your wedding budget. And with my taste, I was super worried about being able to get what I want while not going overboard. (Thank you, Pinterest, for giving me ridiculous expectations.)

In this week’s episode of Behind the Veil, I got to meet with Shelli, the owner of Community Florist who will be doing the flowers for my wedding and she gave me some great tips on saving money for your wedding flowers—doing it yourself!

Now, I’ve said it before: I am not at all crafty. The thought of putting together arrangements that requires me to do more than cut stems from store-bought flowers totally freaks me out. But Shelli assured me that any bride can do it. Even the craft-retarded (like myself). And I have the photos and video to prove it. arizona diy wedding flowers community florist
diy floral centerpiece
diy wedding flowers community florist
diy wedding flowers community florist arizona

With the help of Shelli and her team, I was able to create this gorgeous arrangement in just a few minutes! You can try it out yourself as each First Friday, Community Florist hosts a group class for just $10. You can go in with a group of gals and they will supply everything you need and teach you how to make your own floral arrangement. And, you get to keep what you made in class! I’ll probably be popping by their next class myself to see if I can learn a few skills on making beautiful floral arrangements.

For brides on a budget, Shelli said she can meet with you to help plan what flowers will be needed to achieve the look you want. Before the wedding, you can come in with a group of friends or family and use their fridge to store your arrangements. Many brides choose to do the centerpieces themselves and then leave the bouquet to the actual florist or vice versa. It’s a great way to save money and you’ll still get a bit of hand-holding to ensure your flowers are picture perfect. A few other tips I picked up during my visit:

  • Use clear tape to tape your vase into a grid shape. Then slot the flowers into each square!
  • Fill the vase with water before you put any flowers in.
  • It’s all about the foliage; using lots of mixed greens with interesting textures keeps it interesting.
  • Cut the flowers so that they are just peeking over the vase, they sit nice and pretty like that.
  • Shine spray is not just for your hair; it breathes instant life into your flowers!

See for yourself in this week’s Behind the Veil episode how easy it is to make an arrangement!

What do you think DIY brides? Have you or would you consider making your own flower arrangements for your wedding?

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