30+ Couples Maternity Photoshoot ideas

Don’t want to do a solo maternity shoot? I hear ya! A couple’s maternity photoshoot can be a special way to document this time in your life together.

Here, you’ll find a list of cute maternity photo shoot ideas for your couple’s maternity shoot.

Scroll through with your partner and pick a vibe that speaks to you and send them to your professional photographer!

Maternity studio sessions

While an outdoor pregnancy photoshoot can be beautiful, you can’t control the weather.

Luckily in recent years, studio sessions have been making a major comeback!

A well-done studio photoshoot creates stunning photos. I love this option for maternity shoots because you have a blank canvas to pair with any outfit or color scheme you’d like.

You also won’t have to stress about the weather possibly ruining your day; with a studio photoshoot your photographer will have complete control over the set and lighting!

If you prefer a more minimalist vibe, this photo is an excellent example that sometimes less can indeed be more.

This more classic studio shot proves that a modern take on a studio shoot creates gorgeous results. It’s a simple pose that’s truly timeless!


At-home Maternity Photoshoot Sessions

Another photography trend to try is the at-home photoshoot.

Many photographers offer packages where they will come into your home and photograph you and your loved ones where you spend the most time!

Doing your maternity photo session at home means you’ll be more comfortable in your surroundings, and won’t have to travel anywhere.

This moody photo is stunning. I love the way this couple chose to wear deep colors like emerald and navy blue to pair perfectly with the natural wood tones of their home.

How sweet is this photo?! The natural lighting from this large window in their home creates the perfect comfy, cozy vibe for this couple’s maternity photos.

If you’re doing an at-home photoshoot, consider keeping the outfits super casual like this couple did to play into the intimate feeling of your photos.

black & white Maternity Photos

Is there anything as timeless as a black-and-white photo?

If you want some unique and special photos from your maternity shoot, this is a great option. A huge plus: it’s easier to coordinate outfits with your partner if everything is in black and white!

This elegant shot shows how special a couples photoshoot can be! Choosing a photographer who is comfortable shooting couples will help create magical shots like this one!

A black and white photo is the perfect way that beautiful baby bump. A white dress stands out in this high-contrast photo.

If you have a special look in mind as far as what you’ll be wearing in your maternity photos, consider asking for some black-and-white shots!

I love the look of a black-and-white edit on outdoor photos like these because those gorgeous, natural textures are still there but you and your partner stand out!

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If you and your partner are a casual couple, a denim look might be perfect for you. It’s fresh, clean, and cool – perfect for a maternity shoot!

A pair of denim and a white top doesn’t have to be as ’90s as it sounds! These couples chose matching washes of denim that show their personalities. Keep it casual and show off that bump.

Incorporate Your Other Children

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maternity photos second baby mom with pink maternity dress husband and toddler

If you’re welcoming your second baby (or your 3rd or more) consider incorporating your whole family into the photoshoot!

It can be a really special way to include older siblings and your new baby will treasure seeing their siblings in these pics.

I took these photos during our tea party baby shower and it was a fun way to include my son.


If you’re a fan of the vintage, film camera look, show your photographer these maternity shoot ideas! The beauty of these photos is that they are truly so simple.

Try a simple look like these couples did, or lean into the vintage feel with a classic dress and tailored suit for your partner.

Some photographers specialize in capturing candid, fluent moments like this photo shows. It’s so natural and you don’t have to stress about memorizing maternity photoshoot poses.

Sunset Maternity Photography Session

Natural settings are oftentimes the best. Schedule one during golden hour if you want that gorgeous glow!

The way a sunset creates the most beautiful, natural light to wash over you can not be replicated with studio light.

This outdoor maternity session is a great way to embrace beauty of nature.

You could also take advantage of this beautiful lighting and go for a glam look with your photos. The contrast of sequins, sparkle, and tulle look great with a natural backdrop.

A golden hour photoshoot is also a great way to capture a fall look in your photos if that is what you’re hoping to achieve.

The warm light is beautiful with the brown, red, beige, and orange shades of fall.

This gorgeous photo shows the magic that a sunset photoshoot can create! I love the way this photo captures such a genuine, intimate moment with this couple.

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For a modern look, try a maternity photoshoot in the city.

I love the way this photo uses the cityscape as the backdrop. This lets the couple be the focal point of the shot, but still highlights the beautiful skyline behind them.

Taking your maternity photos with your partner in the city where you met or where you were married is the perfect way to tell part of your love story through your photos.

Get the look with this glam maternity maxi dress.

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natural habitat

Choosing a location that is special to you and your family is a great way to add a meaningful touch to your maternity photos. The options are endless here! Here are a few of my favorite examples of this.

A body of water is always a beautiful backdrop, but this doesn’t mean you have to live near the beach. Think of rivers, lakes, or ponds near you that you love to visit – this could be the perfect place to shoot with your partner!

The touch of orange from the wildflowers in this photo makes the entire look really pop!

Go for natural textures like linen and cotton with a backdrop like this to create a rustic, chic feeling in your photos.

This photoshoot took place in a park near this couple’s new home. I love that they chose a location that really welcomes the new member of their family by capturing a moment of change in their lives.

This photo is absolutely stunning. The whimsical contrast of this new mama’s lace gown and the rich, deep colors of the forest surrounding the couple create a look that is straight out of a fairy tale.

I love the way this couple chose to create a monochromatic look in their photos by matching their looks to their location. The textured beige pieces they’re wearing pair perfectly with the dried grass behind them.

Be sure to choose a contrasting color or texture to add a little bit of interest if you do a look like this. This photo uses the white blanket to brighten up the look.

beach baby

If you’re lucky enough to live near or will be visiting a beach during your pregnancy, this is arguably the best way to capture a unique maternity photo!

These photos show how calm and serene the soft beige tones of the sand can be when captured on camera.

These ladies chose stunning dresses for their shoots. The key here is to wear a look with movement. And the same goes for your partner! For your man, think linen, cotton, muslin, etc.

Choose to highlight those beautiful blues from the sea and the sky with shades of white, navy, and blue. This gorgeous couple did just that.

If you’re hoping for a sunset beach photoshoot, keep those warm, golden tones in mind when choosing your look.

This terracotta-tone dress looks beautiful as the couple basks in golden hour.

Shades like rose, beige, orange, amber, and apricot are going to work well with any sunset shoot.

If you love this dress, I found it on Amazon for under $40! It comes in 27 colors and has over 14,000 reviews!

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The beach is the perfect place to capture a natural, classic maternity photo just like this one. A white shirt is light and bright and, left open, really accents mom’s belly.

More Tips for Maternity Photoshoots

From a mom who has done maternity photos before, here are a few other tips for prepping for a couple’s maternity photoshoot.

  • Dress yourself first. Once you have your look down, it will be so much easier to plan your partner around it!
  • Think flowy….or skin tight. Dresses with movement create a beautiful, ethereal vibe. For something more modern, go for a bodycon outfit that shows off your baby bump.
  • Consider your due date. You never know if you’ll go into labor early, so consider shooting around month 7 or early on in month 8.
  • Don’t stress about poses. Your maternity photographer will guide you on the most flattering poses and capture you from different angles.

The beauty of maternity photos is that they really can be styled so simply. If you don’t feel like buying anything new, ask family members if they have something you can wear.

The most important thing about your couple’s maternity photos is capturing the love and excitement between you and your partner.

Hopefully, this list of the best maternity photo ideas will help inspire your own shoot!

Special thanks to all of the talented photographers who submitted these gorgeous images for this post.

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