50+ Valentine’s day nail ideas

No matter what your relationship status is, Valentine’s day is such a fun holiday to get in the festive spirit. Who doesn’t love celebrating love via chocolate, flowers, and all things pink?!

Whether you’re a girly girl or just love pink, you’ll love these Valentine’s Day nail ideas.

French Tips with a Valetine’s Twist

A French manicure is one of the most classic nail styles of all time. Here are some fun ways to make this iconic look Valentine’s Day-ready!

valentine's day nail inspiration with hearts
Via: @vpettorelli on Insta

Floral & Feminine

Everyone loves getting flowers on Valentine’s Day, so why not try this flirty, floral vibe for your next nail appointment?

all-pink Nails

If you prefer to go the simple route with your nails, these shades of pink are sure to stand out!

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Valentine’s Day Sparkle

Any holiday is the perfect excuse to add a touch of sparkle to your nails–especially Valentine’s Day!

From subtle to full glitter, here are some extra shimmery nail ideas for your manicure!

pretty in Purple

More of a purple girl? Here are some cute purple nail ideas to try.

pink and purple nail idea
Via: Pinterest

Red & Pink

Red and pink is not only very on trend right now, it’s the perfect color combo for this holiday! Bookmark these nail ideas for your next nail appointment!

fun pattern for nail ideas
Via: Pinterest
pink and red valentine's day nail inspiration
Via: @pop_polished on Insta

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Valentine’s Day chrome Nails

The chrome look is obviously not going anywhere anytime soon! Because it’s so eye catching and feminine, it’s the perfect trend to incorporate for Valentine’s Day.

metallic Valentine’s Nails

I love the idea of using some metallics to create a fun twist on a simple Valentine’s Day design.

metallic red heart design for nails
Via: Pinterest
metallic heart idea for valentine's day nails

Heart Nail Designs

It goes without saying that heart nails are perfect for this time of year. There are truly ENDLESS ways you can incorporate this adorable design into your look, but here are just a few to inspire you.

Any of these would look great with your Valentine’s Day outfit!

valentine's day nail ideas with hearts
Via: Pinterest
pink french tip valentine's day nail ideas with hearts
Via: @nonakednails_ on Insta
valentine's day nail ideas with hearts
Via: @nailss.by.lucyy on Insta

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playful patterns

If you’ve been wanting to have fun with a bold pattern or print, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to give it a try.

swirl design for valentine's day nail press ons

dainty pearls

Add some pearls to your Valentine’s Day nail set for the perfect touch of texture and femininity.

nail art with hearts and pearls
Via: Pinterest

fruity & fun

If you’re looking for unique but festive nail inspo this February, this girly trend is perfect for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

fruity nail art for valentine's day
Via: @paintedby__em on Insta
cute girly nail art with cherries
Via: Pinterest

Tied with a Bow

Bows are a huge 2024 fashion trend, so it’s no surprise seeing this trickle down into nail trends, too!

Nail bow designs are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

red bow nail idea for valentine's day
Via: Pinterest
baby pink fun nail art for valentine's day
Via: Pinterest
valentine's day nail ideas with bows with hearts
Via: Pinterest

jet Black Hearts

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean all things pink! Try one of these looks for a modern Valentine’s Day nail design idea.

black valentine's day nails
black and red chic valentine's day nail ideas
Via: @thenailartbabe on Insta

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