75+ Spring Nail Ideas to Try

There’s so much to look forward to about the spring season, but something I always look forward to is fresh spring nails!

Whether you like to do your nails at home or are looking for some inspo to take to the salon, you’ll want to bookmark this post for plenty of spring nail ideas!

Floral Designs

Is it possible to round up spring nail ideas without mentioning floral patterns? In my book, it’s certainly not!

The Devil Wears Prada, anyone? As Miranda Priestly said, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” And she’s not wrong. Floral prints in the spring are nothing new, but in my opinion, they’re a timeless spring staple.

Amongst all the beautiful floral nails I saw, these were my favorites!

If you love floral nails for spring but want something a bit more subtle, try these nude floral nail wraps.


Get Easter-ready nails with these pretty pastel nail stickers featuring pink and purple florals.

pink yellow press on manicure

This press-on nail set comes in several spring nail designs like this pretty pink and yellow floral manicure.

light purple french manicure floral nail

If purple is more your color, then try this spring nail set.

yellow french manicure

This yellow French manicure combines two of the best spring nail trends: florals and French manicures! It’s neutral, cheery yet understated.

floral spring nails

Prefer something bright and bold? Try this set featuring bright blue and green.

black french nails

Nobody said florals had to involve color. In fact, this spring nail design is fresh and modern featuring a black and white French manicure.

Some of my favorite nail art designs are the florals that are different on each nail, like these.

This floral press-on manicure is chic and pretty for spring in an earth-tone color palette.

To level up your floral designs, consider the use of different colors on each flower.

Beautiful blooms lining the cuticles of your nails is another great option for the use of florals.

If you’re stuck between shades of color, such as pink, you could always interchange the color throughout the floral designs and the base coat on different nails.

spring nail designs

I love this updated take on the French manicure featuring just a few pretty spring flowers on the nail.

Consider classic daisy nails on top of a pale pink for your spring manicure.

Painted daises on top of pastel shades is another great option for cute spring nails.

Thinking about florals with a french tip? Instead of classic white, consider changing it up with the use of bright colors.

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Another way to incorporate a french tip into your floral designs is to have the florals painted on top of the tips themselves.

For a new take on spring nails, have the flower design placed at your cuticle while still allowing for the incorporation of spring colors on your tips.

For a neutral spring nail design, go with white flowers on top of a nude base coat.

If you’re in the mood for a spring nail with color that’s not too overwhelming, consider a nude base coat with delicate daisies throughout.


Flower nail art doesn’t always have to touch every nail. Consider having the design only touch the middle nail and ring finger for a unique look.

Spring nail art through the use of florals can be displayed differently, and yet cohesively, on each nail.

Consider having a few fully covered floral nails, and a few nails that are solid colored for a fun twist.

Florals are a great way to showcase cool nail designs beyond only the flowers. Consider an ombre nail tip to add to your design.

The best part about floral nail designs is that there are so many different ways to incorporate flowers, and several spring nail colors can be used throughout.

If you’re into long nails, floral designs can certainly be incorporated into the length of the nail shape you’re going for.


Neutral Floral Designs

If you’re typically into neutral solid colors such as nudes or whites, try adding a simple flower on a few nails for an easy way to transform your go-to look into a spring style.

Combine a neutral floral design with a classic french tip for a timeless spring nail look.

If you’re feeling bold, but you’re still a lover a neutrals, try covering your whole nail in neutral-colored flowers with a nude base color.

If you’re a white nail polish girl through and through, you can branch out and incorporate a spring vibe into your nails with white florals on just a couple of your nails.

Abstract Nail Designs

If you’re someone that’s willing to take a risk, you might want to consider an abstract nail design with bright colors for your next nail idea.

One of the best parts about spring and summer nail ideas is that the sky is the limit! From different patterns to bright and neon colors, there’s so much you can do to switch it up throughout the season.


Stars for your nails aren’t only for the 4th of July! Consider incorporating stars into your spring nail design rotation.

Add smiley faces and flowers to your spring nail ideas list to make a happy statement.

A nude base coat with a colorful design on your tips is a unique way to incorporate a design without it feeling like a big commitment.


These fashion-forward spring nails feature a pretty pink and silver scheme. The tweed pattern makes for quite a classy spring nail idea.

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Add in delicate designs like small hearts combined with pastel colors for an easy spring look.

Swirls and squiggles are too much fun, try this in bold colors or neutrals.

Try adding in dainty and different designs, such as small evil eye prints, to keep everyone guessing.

No matter what abstract design you’re going for, pastel colors will instantly give your patterns a spring look.


Lines and Squiggles

If you’re hesitant to add in a pop of color, try picking just one to incorporate lightly amid some neutrals!

Can’t decide on one abstract design? Try out multiple designs and spread them out amongst your nails.

For a spring twist on the french manicure, try adding a pop of color or two to your tips.

Don’t be afraid to branch out into neon colors for your spring nail designs.

Alternating pastel colors with a nail design work well for this set of spring nails.

If you normally go for pink nails, try adding a dainty design in a neutral color like white on the top for something new for spring.

When it comes to nail art, you don’t have to cover your nails completely. Test out a design on just a few nails to dip your toes, or fingers, into the idea.

Whether you go for the same squiggle design on each nail, or switch it up, this abstract design is stunning for spring nail ideas.


Looking for a modern pink and black nail idea? Check out these fake nails you can do yourself in a cool modern design.

Cherry blossoms are certainly a mark of spring, and cherries fit right in! A tiny cherry detail on your nails can take you from spring into summer.

pastel spring nails

This pastel set is subtle yet gorgeous.

Pink nail designs with hearts are perfect for February and would perfectly match any of your Valentine’s Day outfits!

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Green nail art is certainly on trend at the moment, and a great first color to try out when transitioning into spring colors again.

This pink and purple set is the perfect spring nail idea for those looking for something more on the feminine side.

Not ready to jump to a color just yet? Try out a new design in a neutral or light color as a first step.

Green nails might feel like a stretch, but my guess is that you’ll like them more than you think if you give them a try!


Is it even possible to step into the warmer weather months without rainbow and smiley face designs?

Stars in white on top of a neutral base layer is a timeless spring nail design.

Rounded, abstract shapes in pastel colors will certainly give your nails a spring look.

Colored Nail Designs

Can’t decide on one spring pastel? Try a range of colors that complement each other!

Even if you want to alternate between three colors, it can be done. As long as they go together, go for it.

Another example of incorporating more than one color, if you can’t decide!

Rainbow nails in pastel colors are absolutely fitting for the spring season.

In the spring, you can’t go wrong with one single stunning pastel color.

Green is one of the trendiest colors at the moment, and it’s certainly an excellent choice for spring nails.

Let’s be honest, can you ever go wrong with a pink nail? If you want to change it up, but you find it hard to branch out, try starting with a new shade of pink!

Springing for a shade of pink or two on your tips can certainly help you bring in the spring season through your nail choice.

The New French Manicure

Think the French manicure is dead? Think again! For spring 2024, this nail trend is definitely having a comeback moment.

glazed french tips

A milky white gradient manicure like this is a modern and trendy take on the French manicure.

This gradient manicure in soft pink embraces a bit more color than a traditional French

These coffin nails are in a gorgeous beige with a gradient white tip.

This gorgeous ombre white tip nail is right on trend for spring and the perfect neutral mani.

If you don’t love a traditional pink French manicure, try this ombré set in a beautiful peach.

Whether you’re into more simple nails, or you find yourself taking risks with designs and colors, I hope this round-up gives you the nail inspo you’re looking for to enter the spring nail season with excitement!

What’s your favorite spring nail idea from this roundup? Let me know in the comments below!

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