The Easiest Way to Save Breastmilk | Lacti-Cups Review

Lacti-Cups review, the easiest way to save breastmilk ever!

I am so excited to share this Lacti-Cups review with you!

This is literally the easiest way to save breastmilk ever, which is so important because this stuff really is liquid gold!

Lacti-Cups are silicone cups that you slip into your bra to collect any breastmilk leaked throughout the day or during nursing sessions.

My first time around breastfeeding wasn’t the greatest. I had A LOT of anxiety about it and we were told to supplement early on. This time around, things are much better. We’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for 4 months!

Let me be clear that it doesn’t matter how you feed your baby, as long as your baby is fed. There is SO much pressure about this and I have no idea why. Nobody asks when you sign up for Kindergarten if your baby breastfed or formula fed. Feed your baby and be happy. It didn’t go as well with my first baby, so I’ve experienced it both ways!

Since I didn’t know what I was doing with my first, I became a little obsessive about stockpiling my milk when I had my second baby.

Pumping sucks, so I started looking for the easiest way to save breastmilk when I discovered Lacti-Cups. Friends, this is a new mama must-have! It should be on everyone’s registry list.

how to save breastmilk the easy way with lacti-cups! This game changing product should been every mom's registry

Lacti-Cups Review

I genuinely consider Lacti-Cups to be a total gamechanger. You simply slip the cups into your bra and it collects your leaks throughout the day.

The first few weeks you’ll leak a lot until your milk supply is established. And ALL of that milk is going to waste in a nursing pad…why?!

Lacti-Cups are the easiest way to save breastmilk. You pop them in and collect milk as the day goes by!

Now that my supply is established I don’t wear them throughout the day but I do wear them during my morning nursing sessions. I pop one in on the opposite side I am nursing on and it collects the let-down. I can easily collect an ounce or more just by doing this!

As soon as I started using these, I was shocked at how much milk was just going to waste! I’ve been able to effortlessly collect and save breastmilk and have a freezer stash going without pumping. I’ve been able to collect as much as 4oz in a day!

lacti-cups review, the easiest way ever to save breastmilk!

How to Use Lacti-Cups

Lacti-Cups are designed to save up to 4oz of breastmilk if you wear them throughout the day. They have a little spout at the top where you can pour it out into your bottle. (I use this breastmilk storage system). I don’t wear these all day; when I first got them, I wore them only around the house and mostly in the morning when I have the most milk.

Now, I only pop in one to catch the opposite side since I don’t really leak throughout the day anymore. Since breastmilk can last up to 6 hours at room temperature, I would wear them through two nursing sessions (if you’re feeding every 2-3 hours). Read more on safe breastmilk handling guidelines here.

These are also great during those early weeks to protect your sore nips from friction! I did not wear nursing pads when wearing these, so it’s eco-friendly, too. (The nursing pads I do use are these.)

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Lacti-Cups Review FAQ

I reached out to the owner, Diana, after falling in love with Lacti-Cups she answered some frequent questions.

Diana has been a Clinical Lactation Consultant for more than 17 years and developed these after seeing how much moms struggled to save their breastmilk.

Can you see them through your top? No. I think it’s slightly noticeable to the point I don’t wear them in public but feel comfortable wearing them around the house with people around.

What’s the best way to clean them? I just use mild soap and hot water. I have this Medela breastmilk soap on my bathroom counter.

Do they leak? No, the silicone top is flexible and forms to your body. Just be careful when removing them and pouring the milk out of the top spout.

Diana is also developing reusable breastmilk storage bags which are dishwasher safe…genius! Once your baby is a little older, you can use this daily milk to mix into oatmeal and rice cereal! It seriously is the easiest way to save breastmilk ever.

You can get Lacti-Cups on Amazon here.

lacti cups review, the easiest way to save breastmilk every with seriously no effort!

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