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How to Wear a Crop Top When You Don’t Have Abs

How to wear a crop top when you don't have abs. See my best tips, tricks and secrets for how to wear a crop top if you don't have a flat tummy.

Friends, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I have never, ever in my life had abs. Instead, I have a close relationship with pasta and carbs.

So even when I’m in fantastic shape, there’s always that little fat carb layer under my belly button.

I’m ok with it, because I’d rather have my pasta than the perfect bikini body. And we all have to do what works for us.

tulle skirt with crop top

So when crop tops first came into style, I completely panicked. I really, really liked them! And I hate seeing fashion trends I can’t partake in.

I figured out how to wear a crop top when you don’t have abs. Because I’ve seen lots and lots of lovely ladies pull off this trend, without a perfectly flat stomach.

Here are my top tricks and secrets for how to wear a crop top when you don’t have a perfectly flat stomach.

How to wear a crop top when you don't have abs. My secrets and styling tips for pulling off crop tops even if you don't have a flat stomach. Click to see the tips in the post!

How to Wear a Crop Top When You Don’t Have Abs

Size Up

Every single crop top I own is a size medium (I normally wear a small).

This isn’t the time and place to care about your sizing, going up a size means the crop top doesn’t squeeze my waist and tends to hang a little longer, so you don’t have to expose as much of your stomach.

black asos crop top

Pick Your Asset

Everyone has a good portion of their stomach, do you know where yours is?

Mine is right above my belly button and below my ribs, so I choose high-waisted skirts and trousers that accentuate this area.

If yours is below your belly button, look for low-rise pants and skirts that hang right at or below your hips.

Most of us over 30 women or over 40 women will find the most flattering part of our tummies to be a tad higher. This is normal–hey, I’ve had two kiddos!

Black bow skirt + sequin crop top, cute holiday outfit idea. Click to see the rest of the look on the blog!

Crop it Close

There’s no hard and fast rule about how much skin you have to show, wearing a crop top is really the fun of hinting at skin and contrasting it with flowy bottoms.

reoria halter crop top with floral print skirt

With this black sequin crop (currently on sale!), my crop top barely skims the top of my skirt, making it a totally wearable look pretty much anyone can pull off.

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Something else to keep in mind is that most crop tops nowadays aren’t even cropped, they just aren’t long tunics we are accustomed to.


These tops hit right around the waist of your high-waisted pants/denim/skirts, changing the proportion of your look.

Get the Right Size Skirt

Selecting the right size crop top is just as important as the right size skirt when it comes to styling a crop top when you don’t have a flat stomach.

While I’ll squeeze myself into smaller jeans so I don’t have to deal with a gaping back, I won’t squeeze myself into a skirt if it’s intended for a crop top.

white tulle skirt with sparkly crop top

I’ll either size up or shop for something that hangs loose and naturally at the waist, so we aren’t squishing any body parts.

This trick works especially well with maxi skirts since they’re typically soft, flowy and have plenty of stretch.

asos black crop top

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asos white skater skirt

Try on a Few

Not all crop tops are created equal. I’ve tried on some that are basically large bras and some that are practically normal T-shirts.

Try on a few, or spend some time reading the reviews online, so you can get a good idea on how the crop top truly fits, and if it’s going to be a look you want to try.

pink tulle skirt with white crop top

Regardless of whether or not I actually had washboard abs, I wouldn’t buy a crop top that showed six inches of skin.

If you’re a 20-something, by all means go for it! But now that I’m in my 40s, showing that much skin rarely seems appropriate.

chicwish purple bow pants with whtie crop top

Your body type will also make a big difference. If you have a long or short torso, and if you have smaller or larger breasts, are all factors that will change how any crop top fits you.

how to wear a crop top when you don't have abs

You can totally have fun with the crop top trend and show off some sexy skin, without giving away all the goods.

how to wear a crop top when you don't have abs. Click to red my style secrets for pulling off this trend without flat abs!

I hope this post helps you feel more confident and that it’s helped you learn how to wear a crop top if you don’t a flat stomach!

It’s all about the right styling tips and tricks, and a dose of confidence, too.

The Best Basic Crop Tops That Aren’t Super Cropped

Here are some of my favorite cropped T-shirts and tanks that won’t show a ton of skin but are right on trend:

This cropped halter tank is a bestseller for a reason! It’s a thick, high-quality fabric and makes a really great basic. I have it in several colors and order a size medium.

I own this one in several colors and do recommend sizing up if you are bigger busted or don’t want a super snug fit.

This boxy crop T-shirt is a great basic and isn’t overly cropped. It runs true to size and comes in three colorways.

Plus, it’s a steal at under $20!

This longsleeve top is super light and soft. It looks far more cropped on the model than in real life; on me it skims my waist!

white boxy cropped t shirt

This boxy tee is a wardrobe staple. It’s soft and comes in 8 colorways!

Are you into the crop top trend? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

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  1. I loved this post. You are totally right! Sometimes we just need a few clues how to buy the appropriate styles to enhance our silhouette. I like pasta, bread and cakes too much as well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love ALL your outfits featured in this post!
    I also love your honesty – I myself enjoy the occasional..everyday carbs haha.
    Whenever I wear crop tops, I also love matching it with a high waisted mid-length/maxi skirt or pants.
    Loved this post ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I loved this article – thanks so much! I’ve also been too chicken to try the crop top trend, but you’ve inspired me to give it a go. *adds crop top to shopping wish list* Here goes nothing…! x

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