30 of the Best Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Kitchen (Including DIY Options!)

Whether you’re a coffee lover or a tea person, a home coffee bar is such a fun way to spruce up your kitchen that’s both pretty and practical!

You can corral all of your coffee essentials in one place–like your coffee maker, coffee mugs and other accessories–while making it look cute and stylish. In other words, NOT like a bunch of coffee clutter has taken over your kitchen counters.

Need some inspiration? Read on for 30 of the best coffee bar ideas for your kitchen. From some great DIY coffee stations that are easy to recreate to some modern (and impressive) built-in options, there are plenty of ideas here to inspire you. Let’s see them all! 

DIY Coffee Station & Mug Storage

“If coffee is your lifeblood, it deserves a special spot in your home,” says Chelsea from Making Manzanita. She has a great DIY coffee station tutorial that’s easy to recreate! All you need are your coffee supplies and a small dresser. Check out the tutorial here

Farmhouse Coffee Bar Cabinet

This Farmhouse coffee bar cabinet comes in both light grey and a light oak finish, perfect for those who want a buffet for their coffee station that offers plenty of storage space.

The sliding barn doors offer hidden storage and you can decorate above it however you like!! Check the price here.

Diaper Changing Table Turned Coffee Cart

Upcycling is a great way to make use of old furniture and give it new life, which is why I’m loving how Winona from My Home and Travels turned her former baby changing table into a coffee bar!

This step-by-step tutorial shows how easy it is to take an unused piece of furniture and turn it into a cute yet functional coffee bar. Check out the tutorial here

Industrial Coffee Bar Cabinet

If your home is a bit more on the modern side, you may love this industrial cabinet that can be used as a coffee bar for your kitchen.

This console would also look great adjacent to the kitchen or even in a living room setting and has adjustable shelves. Check the price here.

Festive Holiday Coffee Bar

Looking for a themed coffee bar idea? Check out the recipe and holiday coffee bar inspiration from Linda at A Labour of Life. You can create this holiday coffee cart exclusively for the holiday season or take inspiration from the post to give your existing coffee station a festive flair! Check it out here.

Built-In Coffee Bar Cabinet

If you’re building a custom kitchen, why not spring for a built-in coffee bar! These cabinets feature retractable doors that keep all of the coffee essentials stored out of sight. The wall-mounted pot filler is genius and a luxe touch! 

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Farmhouse Coffee Bar Idea

If you’ve got a farmhouse kitchen then you’ll love this Farmhouse coffee station idea, which was also featured on HGTv’s Fixer Upper. 

The open shelving is a stylish way to show off your favorite coffee mugs and kitchen decor.

Simple DIY Coffee Bar from Ivy of The Boondocks Blog 

Keep things simple and simply corral your coffee station essentials with this easy DIY from Ivy of The Boondocks Blog.

Upcycle a Dresser

Sia from Thrifty Northwestern Mom has a DIY coffee bar idea of turning an old dresser into a coffee station and wine bar! This is a good idea for anyone who loves their wine just as much as their coffee and you really just need a wine rack and an old dresser.

Turn Your Wet Bar into a Coffee Bar

Many homes already come with a wet bar, so why not transform yours into a coffee bar in your kitchen! You can pour your morning coffee and clean up all in one place, without getting in the way of making breakfast. 

Coffee Mug Holder

If you aren’t exactly the DIY type, this wall-mounted coffee mug holder may be all you need to complete your coffee station!

These come in 3 colors including white and a light grey. Check the price here.

Looking for something a bit more unique? Check out this coffee mug rack. It can hang up to 8 mugs and seamlessly blends into many home decor styles. Check the current price here.

Under the Stairs Coffee Station

If you’ve got a small kitchen, then you’ll need a unique place for your coffee station, and this little nook under the stairs is perfect for that! You can easily make coffee for yourself or guests while entertaining in your living room. 

Hidden Keurig Organizer

One of the benefits of designing your own coffee station is that you can really think about your storage needs right from the get-go, like with this hidden Keurig organizer that perfectly holds the coffee pods. 

Coffee Station Ideas for Guests

A small coffee station is a great way to show the houseguests you care, and Andrea from Salty Canary has a great post on how exactly to create the perfect coffee bar for visitors

Wet Bar with Wine and Coffee Station

Combine your favorite a.m. drink with your favorite p.m. drink by creating a wine and coffee station at your wet bar. 

The espresso machine looks great on the countertop and there’s plenty of cabinet space above and below for storing all of your coffee-making essentials.

Holiday DIY Coffee Bar from Honey & Lime Deanna 

Get your at-home coffee bar holiday ready with this easy idea by Deanna of Honey & Lime. Your favorite holiday coffee blend, some peppermint candy and cute holiday-themed decor is all you need. 

DIY Coffee Bar Sign

Already have a coffee bar but need to outfit it a bit? Spruce up your coffee station with this DIY Coffee bar wooden sign tutorial by Amy of Modge Podge Rocks.  It’s super cute and easy to recreate!

Luxe Built-in Coffee Bar

How can you upgrade your built-in coffee bar? By adding a pot-filler of course! You won’t even have to leave the coffee area to brew up a fresh cup of joe. Simply keep your coffee machine where it’s at and fill it when needed.  

Farmhouse Coffee Bar

If you have a Farmhouse style home, then you’ll love this coffee bar idea that’s clean and simple. Corral your coffee accessories in cute wire baskets arranged on shelves and place your favorite coffee machine and espresso maker on the counter. Voila, you’re done! 

Coffee Bar Tray & Decorative Accessories

If you already have your coffee area for your kitchen decided upon, then you may just need some coffee decor! This one comes with a tiered tray and some cute coffee bar signs to decorate your station.

At-Home Bistro


If your home has the space for it, consider a dedicated coffee area for your dining room or living room. This gorgeous setup features a chalkboard paint wall, which brings the coffee shop vibes home. 

Fall-Themed Coffee Cart

Looking for some seasonal coffee bar decor ideas? Check out this fall-themed tutorial by Cherry of Farm Girl Reformed. It has several DIY projects including a tutorial for hanging those coffee cups and making other decorative pieces.

Kitchen Counter Coffee Station Idea

If you have a small space, use the kitchen counter as your designated home coffee station. Sweet Water Decor blog has a festive idea you can easily recreate; just corral your coffee beans, cups and favorite syrups on a small tray. To save space, hang a few coffee mugs right above. It’s a simple, yet pretty, coffee bar idea for the kitchen.

Coffee Bar Cart

If you’re not much of a drinker, use a bar cart as a coffee cart! You can leave this in your living room, dining room or even off the kitchen. 

You can buy just about any bar cart for this. Keen on making one yourself? Try this DIY bar cart tutorial from Fresh Mommy Blog.

Portable Coffee Cart Idea

gold and wood target bar cart

For our AirbnB, I turned this affordable gold bar cart into a coffee and tea station for guests. Decorative accents along with coffee grinds and tea bags occupy the bottom shelf while the coffee maker and cups are easily accessible on the top shelf.

This coffee bar idea for the kitchen sits in the breakfast nook adjacent to the kitchen.

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Sideboard for Kitchen Coffee Bar

If you have a smaller kitchen and some space next to it, try a sideboard like this one that can be used as a kitchen coffee bar. It integrates well into the home decor and serves as the perfect place to store all of your coffee-making accessories.

Rolling Coffee Cart

Looking for coffee bar ideas for the kitchen that are portable? Consider a rolling cart like this one that you can easily bring in and out of a room.

This coffee bar cabinet offers plenty of storage and, as a kitchen island cart, seamlessly blends into many decor styles.

Coffee and Wine Bar Supreme

In our personal home, we have our coffee station at the wet bar, combined with our wine bar and fridge. This is in our dining, which is right off the kitchen. It makes grabbing a.m. and p.m. drinks a breeze!

He loves his Terra Kaffe machine for espressos and lattes and just got this Belgian balance Syphon coffee maker, which is super fun when we have guests!

I hope this list of coffee bar ideas for the kitchen has helped inspire you! Do you have a coffee station in your home?

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