35 Pretty in Pink Halloween Decor Ideas

If you’re a girly girl who loves Halloween, then you’ll love all of these pretty and pink Halloween decor ideas!

These pink and neutral decorations prove you can have bats and ghoulish things, yet make them chic.

Read on for the prettiest pink decorations for Halloween that are sure to inspire!

Halloween Ghost Watercolor Prints

cute halloween printables for kids rooms

Printables are one of my favorite ways to add some festive fun into your decor. There are so many options for these on the internet, but this set is one of my favorites!

These would be perfect for your little’s bedrooms!


pink wall bats from etsy

Another easy pop of pink for your Halloween decor is this set of pink bats from Etsy! The variety of colors and 3D nature of these add a fun texture and movement to your decor that immediately turns up the fun factor.


festive halloween printables

This set of printables is a little more classic with touches of orange and black, but still so fun and girly! All 8 of these are adorable and perfect to mix and match throughout your home.


cute halloween boo sign for kids

How cute is this customizable knitted Boo sign I came across on Etsy? You can choose from a large variety of colors to make this the perfect little sign for your home’s aesthetic.

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mantle with hints of blush

I love the look of this beautiful fireplace mantle because it is so minimal and chic. Adding some pink, dried vase filler, festive garlands, and textures like this black gauzy material is all it takes to create a cute, spooky look!

Pink vase filler

pink dried vase filler

Here is an example of a cute vase filler you can use to add a pop of color to your home! This pink vase filler from Amazon will go beautifully with shades of white, cream, and gray.

Pink LED branches

pink branch led halloween decorations

Another fun way to add a pop of pink, and some spooky lights, to your Halloween decor is this fun vase filler from Walmart.

These LED branches feature pink lights to add an extra spooky element to your Halloween look.

Fun & easy garland

pink halloween garland

This pack of garlands from Amazon is great for adding a touch of cute, pink, spooky fun to any area in your home. I love these for kids’ rooms, outside, or any corner that could use some spooky details!

pink pumpkins

pink pumpkins for halloween decor

This set of pumpkins is the perfect shade of pink for a neutral decor aesthetic! These come in a set of seven, so you can use them in multiple areas of your home.

Neutral Fireplace with Skulls

pink, blush halloween fireplace decor

via Treehouse Threads

This skeleton-filled fireplace is such a unique DIY idea! The color scheme used here is stunning and can be easily recreated.

Keeping the color palette to natural shades of cream, white, beige and blush is all you need to do. What really elevates this look is the use of metallics and texture!

Pink & neutral skulls

pink and peach tiny halloween skulls

Recreate the gorgeous color scheme from the last photo using these adorable pink and neutral skull figurines from Target.

To achieve these festive but girly looks, search for decor pieces that are classic to Halloween without being scary, dark, or gorey. (i.e. skulls, cute ghosts, bats, and candy!)

Ghost wood bead garland

halloween wood bead garland pink with ghosts

How sweet is this pink and white wood bead garland? I love the spooky twist on the wood bead trend. If you gravitate towards soft, muted tones this will be perfect in your home.

minimal muted pink pumpkins

minimal pink pumpkin decor

Via: joyfulhomebody

This entryway is the perfect example of how elevated a very minimal look can be!

Add a few pumpkins in muted colors like blush pink, peach, and cream to your entryway for a festive look that isn’t over the top.

baby pink boo pumpkin

I love this option from Target for adding a tiny touch of baby pink! These painted pumpkins will fit into any color scheme you already have in your home.

ghost painting printable

girly ghost painting printable for halloween

I am obsessed with this adorable ghost painting printable for a girly Halloween look!

This is such a chic option to replace a large piece of art in your home for the Halloween season.

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Candles and Skulls

pink candles halloween decor idea

Via: jordynhadwin

This gorgeous display is a great example of how to pair soft pink with even more color in your Halloween decor! Pair it with pastels for a feminine look that is still colorful and fun.

What makes this countertop look so special is the use of texture and height. When shopping for decorations this year, be sure to grab things of varying textures to make your displays more interesting.

Candles and flower arrangements are a great way to add height and variety as well!

Pastel ghosts

pastel ghosts in pink for halloween

Use this pack of pastel ghosts to add some color to your Halloween decor! Mixing these with shades of white, ivory, and cream will create a stunning look.

Pink Halloween boo banner

pink halloween decorations idea

If you are going with a pastel theme with your Halloween decor, this little ‘Boo!’ banner is the perfect, easy addition to create that fun look!

Pastel skeletons

pastel skeletons for halloween

Via: jordynhadwin

This is such a fun DIY idea you can easily customize to fit your home’s aesthetic.

Choose a shade of pink you want to incorporate and simply spray paint some skeleton friends to create a unique addition to your decor collection!

Floral ghost doormat

pink ghost doormat for fall

A festive doormat is one of the easiest ways to get a fun, Halloween vibe into your decor! I love this one from Etsy.

Layer it with a pink or plaid mat underneath to elevate it even more.

Amazon Pumpkin Bathmat

pink pumpkin bathmat for halloween decorating

Another fun floor mat option is this adorable pink pumpkin bathroom mat!

sweet plushes & printables

pink neutral halloween decor

Via: The Glitzy Pear

Pillows and blankets are a pretty and practical way to add some festive pieces to your decor. This is one of the most fun ways to decorate a kid’s room because it really adds to the holiday excitement for them!

Pair these sweet Halloween printables with soft plushes to create a cozy, cute vibe!

Sherpa Ghost Plush

pink plush for kids for halloween rooms

If you have littles in your household, this pink sherpa ghost plush is a must! Trading out some of your throw pillows for festive shapes like this is such an easy and fun way to elevate your holiday decor.

pink pillow for halloween from amazon

These adorable ghost pillow covers are another super easy way to add some pink (and some cuteness) into your home this Halloween!

stained glass window bat

walmart stained glass bat decoration for halloween porch

I love how unique and beautiful this stained glass, floral bat is. Add a few of these to your window or front porch to immediately elevate your Halloween decor.

Pink Halloween tree

fun pink halloween tree for kids

Via cutefetti

Repurpose your Christmas tree, or purchase a tiny pink one just for Halloween, and go crazy with decorating!

I love this one because it can also turn into a Halloween tradition for you and your family. Decorate with candy, ribbon, and friendly Halloween faces!

playful pink backdrop

pink and rainbow acrylic ghosts for hallowen

Via: kailochic

I am obsessed with the look of these adorable acrylic ghosts used in this display! These can be great to add to a neutral or colorful room.

pink Halloween printables

trendy pink halloween printables for halloween party

If you are really going for that pink, bright, girly look with your decor this season, I love this set of pretty pink printables from Etsy.

Printables are a great way to incorporate a design trend you love because they are low-cost and easy to change from year to year.

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Neon ghost sign

neon light in pink for halloween

Using decorations that incorporate lights is a great way to elevate your spooky season decor. I love this neon ghost sign from Amazon because it’s easy and affordable, and you can add it to any Halloween display!

Pink and black bar cart

pink bar cart decor inspiration for halloween

Via: Giggles Galore

Focusing your decorating on tiny nooks in your home can really make your Halloween decor feel special! I love this Halloween bar cart idea because it allows you to play with so many fun decorating elements.

Use Halloween-themed dishware, printed mugs, and festive drink glasses to add interest to an area like this.

pink and black candles

pink and black halloween candles idea

Via: Dimples and Tangles

The use of candles like these just feels SO festive! You can add these anywhere in your home to create a spooky, but not too spooky, vibe.

Candlestick holders elevate this idea even more. Try thrifting them or painting glass candlestick holders from the dollar store.

Pink Skull prop

pink skull figurine for halloween decor

This hot pink skull from Target is bright yet spooky. Pair it with black to create a classic Halloween vibe.

Coffin letterboard

pink coffin letter board for halloween decorating

This coffin-shaped letterboard is such a great Halloween decor piece because it is so customizable! This is a great decor investment that you and your family will love to play with to get into the Halloween spirit.

velvet Pink pumpkins

velvet pink pumpkins for affordable halloween decorating

These pink velvet pumpkins from Amazon are a great addition to your Halloween decor collection because they are so cute and so easy!

Add a few to your mantle or coffee table to add some color and texture. These come in a variety of colors, so you have options for any color scheme!

I hope this list of pink Halloween decor ideas has inspired you to decorate this year in a spooky, yet sophisticated, way!

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