These Are The Best Color Shoes to Wear with a White Dress

I’m a sucker for a good white dress–it’s a spring and summer staple!

If you’re outfit planning and have a white dress that needs the perfect shoe choice, there are plenty of options to consider!

From gorgeous metallics to bold colors, there are plenty of shoes that look great with a white dress.

If you need some inspiration or guidelines on what looks best, look no further. These are the best color shoes to wear with a white dress.

TL;DR What Shoes Look Best with A White Dress

  1. Nude shoes are a safe bet and always look good
  2. Try clear shoes for an effortless look
  3. Metallic gold or silver are fun and dressy
  4. Consider black shoes if your dress has black in it
  5. For a bridal look, go with white on white

We’re visual learners, right? Here are all of the different shoes you can wear with a white dess.

White Dress with Nude Shoes

white summer dress with nude sandals

Nude shoes are a neutral color that blends seamlessly with white, creating a clean, sleek, and timeless look. And it’s one of the best color shoes you can choose to wear with a white dress. 


It’s important to wear nude shoes that complement your skin color. This classic choice makes your legs appear longer and more toned. They effortlessly complement white dresses and allow the dress to get all the attention. 

Depositphotos.com | Credit: everett225

When you wear nude heels to a formal event, they glam up your whole outfit for an elegant and stylish look. It’s also effortless so you don’t have to stress about your shoe color choice! 

White Dress with Black Shoes

Classic black shoes are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe making them one of the best shoe colors to pair with your white dress. Black and white is a classic combination and the contrast of colors will really stand out!

white tunic longsleeve dress

You can wear open black heels with a white cocktail dress for a classy look when you attend a special event. For a more casual look, black sandals or black booties complement a white dress quite well. 

If you are going for a more edgy look, pair your white dress with a black leather jacket and black ankle boots or black knee boots. It’s the best way to make your overall look bright, modern, and stylish. 

Depositphotos.com | Credit: everett225

To elevate your outfit, accessorize with a black bag, especially if your white dress doesn’t incorporate any black in it. Otherwise, you run the risk of accidentally creating a look that’s a bit jarring. 

​Incorporating some black accessories to coordinate with your shoes will balance out the look. 

White Dress with Clear Shoes

superdown white ruched dress

There are so many different colors of shoes to wear with a white dress and when you really can’t choose and you’re running out of time, clear shoes are a great option.

long white maxi dress

Clear sandals or heels draw all the attention to your dress.

In general, these shoes give a chic and sophisticated look, and they’re right on trend. Another fabulous plus is they make your legs appear longer!

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White Dress with Metallic Shoes

Depositphotos.com | Credit: everett225

Metallic shoes–either gold or silver–are a great option to pair with a white dress!

In this case, Emma Watson chose some shoes that incorporated both white and gold metallic!

Gold shoes are the perfect way to add a touch of glamour, royalty, and elegance to your little white dress.

They are ideal for special occasions and look great with a bright white, off-white, or cream formal dress. Gold shoes will make the whole outfit pop. You can accessorize them with a gold bag for a modern and stylish look. 

Depositphotos.com | Credit: everett225

Here, Taylor Swift has a jaw-droppingly gorgeous white maxi dress styled with metallic silver heels.

The shoes perfectly match the silver on her dress.

Metallic shoes with a white dress truly stand out and make the overall outfit feel dressier.

Silver heels are great metallic shoes to complement a bright white dress.

Silver shoes are statement shoes that are great for date night or a night on the town with your girlfriends. For a striking contrast, you can pair them with a hot pink or green bag or jewelry.

Can You Wear White Shoes with a White Dress?

Yes, you can wear head-to-toe white and pair your white dress with white shoes. However, keep in mind that this is very much a bridal look.

white dress white sandals

If you’re not the bride-to-be, this is a look you might consider skipping.

That being said, a casual and stylish white-on-white outfit can work when you add pops of color to your look with a colorful belt, handbag, or jewelry.

white dress white shoes outfit

A white print dress and plain white sandals, slides, or stylish pumps works. Just be mindful to try and match your white tones. A warm-toned white shoe may clash and look beige against a bright white dress.

White sneakers, a white dress, and a denim jacket also make for a great look!

Speaking of bridal…..

Bold-Colored Shoes with a White Dress

royal blue badgley mischka wedding shoe

Wearing blue shoes with a white dress is a popular bridal choice. In fact, I wore these Badgley Mischka royal blue shoes for my wedding! 

For a feminine look that feels very much like a Barbie-inspired outfit, you may consider trying pink shoes with a white dress.

Pink shoes go well with a cream, eggshell, or ivory white dress.

Light pink or hot pink heels and a little white dress complemented with a white, silver, or pink purse make your overall look stylish and modern.  The pop of color makes this a great choice for spring and summertime. 

Can you wear Animal print shoes with a white dress? 

Depositphotos.com | Credit: everett225

Animal print shoes such as snake print, tiger print, cheetah print, or leopard print shoes can really jazz up a minimalist white dress outfit.

Whether they are pumps, block heels, a sleek slide, or ankle boots their design is elegant and has a contemporary appeal.

For a cohesive and outstanding look with a white dress, you can add another element in the same print like leopard bangles, a leopard scarf, or a belt. 

I hope these outfit ideas helped you pick out the right color shoes to wear with your white dress!

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