Cute Wedding Kids Table Ideas: Activities, Food and Coloring Books!

If kids are invited to your wedding, you’ll want to be sure they’re entertained! But having children at your wedding doesn’t mean your special day will become a Crayola-fest.


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What you need are some great wedding kids table ideas. And yes, this involves a little more than just some colored pencils.

If you’re looking for some cute ideas to entertain the kids at your wedding that won’t “water down” the whole fancy wedding vibe, you’re in luck because these ideas are totally cute and elegant, too!

Plus, these kids table ideas are so fun, you’ll have problems keeping the adults away from them!

Cute Wedding Kids Table Ideas

First, Keep the Kids Happy During the Ceremony

The last thing you want to hear during a wedding ceremony is noisy kids. One cute way to keep them entertained is with some bubbles! It’s a festive way to celebrate your nuptials and the kids love them. 

Create a bubble station where kids and guests can grab some bubbles before sitting down.

kids activities at a wedding bubble station

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Or, you can leave them at each seat as a fun wedding favor idea.

You can find loads of wedding favor bubbles on places like Amazon and Etsy, too.

Get creative as far as how you contain them; a basket would work well for a shabby chic wedding, whereas a modern acrylic box would work better for a more contemporary wedding.

Kid-Friendly Wedding Reception Ideas

If you’re hosting a kid-friendly wedding reception, you’ll want to include some cute and clever ways to keep them entertained! 

Some of my favorite wedding kids table ideas I spotted included having plenty of crayons and markers to color all over the table—just like you see at a restaurant! 


Dimples and Tangles

You can easily re-create this with butcher paper spread out all over the table for kids to color on.

custom kraft paper table runner for weddings
XO Custom Kraft Paper

Want something fancier? Consider some custom kraft paper!

custom hand-lettered calligraphy kraft paper for wedding table runner
Custom Hand-Lettered Calligraphy Kraft Paper

Etsy comes to the rescue again with some gorgeous ideas for kraft paper with calligraphy designs, worthy of any wedding reception.

wedding kids table ideas coloring stations and activity books


Or, create individual coloring stations and mason jars filled with crayons and other crafts they can use.


Another cute kids table activity at a wedding is to set up some interactive games. This cute idea was spotted via The Knot and sends kids on a mission to “snap” photos of everything on the printable list. 


The Knot

Most kids need several different forms of entertainment to keep them happy all night long, so I love the idea of creating small kid-friendly wedding “kits” that come with little games, activity books and more to keep busy. Plus, this means one less wedding centerpiece for you to create!

Wedding Coloring and Activity Books for Kids

printable DIY wedding coloring book
diy printable wedding activity book
Lovely Indeed

Looking for something truly themed? Consider a wedding coloring book for kids. This free one is via Lovely Indeed and is simple to assemble. 

You can also find . There are even several custom wedding coloring books which is such a cute way to personalize this kids activity.

Put the wedding activity book on each kid’s seat, or create a little station where kids can grab them on their own. 

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kids activities wedding

 {Plan It Event Design}

Don’t forget to include crayons or colored pencils. Wrap them in ribbon that coordinates with your wedding colors so it all matches with your decor.

Personalized Wedding Coloring Books

custom kids wedding activity book

If you only have a few kids attending your wedding, consider creating personalized wedding coloring books like this one. This is sure to make your tiny bridal party feel extra special and doubles as a cute keepsake. 

ring-shaped crayons for wedding
Ring-shaped crayons

These ring-shaped crayons are another adorable gift that doubles as an activity for the kids at your wedding. 

Kid-Friendly Food Ideas for Your Wedding

Not interested in serving sea bass to picky eaters? Consider having a kids’ food table at your wedding with fun finger foods! 

milk and cookies toast

Cookies and milk in fancy glasses is a cute way for the little ones to “toast” to a good evening. You could also set up a french fry station, or skewer practically anything like fresh fruit or chicken fingers.



Hot dogs passed around during cocktail hour will satiate hungry tots. And gourmet burger sliders and mini pizzas look darling and are popular among the adults, too! 

Remember, you don’t have to make an entirely separate menu just for kids, but a few items that you know they’ll love is always nice to consider. 

Tips for Having Kids at Your Wedding

Just like anything when it comes to your wedding, it’s best to keep it simple. That may mean a regular menu, and quesadillas for the kids as an option. 

Or, try little treats you know they’ll love like boxes of animal crackers, ice cream cones, cake pops or mini donut holes. 

Are you having kids at your wedding? Which of these ideas will you try?

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