The Best Bogg Bag Dupes + Must-Have Accessories

Bogg bags are having a major moment. These rubber bags with holes are known for their utility and come in a range of sizes!

They’re popular for sports moms, the beach, pool days and sporting events. They’re also pretty durable, washable and there are a ton of accessories available!


pink bogg bag

Unfortunately, Bogg bags can also be pretty pricey. Bogg bags range from $55 to $120+!

If you love the look and idea of a Bogg bag but not the price tag, you’ll love these Bogg bagg lookalikes.

Of course, you can’t have a Bogg bag without loading up on cute accessories! Here are some of the best Bogg bag accessories to try:

amazon bogg bagg accessories

If you want the original thing but aren’t sure about the quality then check out this Bogg bag review by Megan of The Well Dressed Life.

Have you tried a Bogg bag? What do you think of these trendy rubber totes?

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