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19+ Cute Outfits to Wear Ice Skating for Women

Ice skating is definitely a favorite winter activity. It’s great with friends, family and even a cute date night idea!

Not sure what to wear ice skating? I’ve got you covered in this post with 19+ outfit ideas to wear ice skating plus some tips on what you should bring with you and what NOT to wear.

As you head out onto the rink, hopefully, these casual ice skating outfits help you channel your inner figure skater in style!

Quick Tips on What to Wear Ice Skating

  • Dress in layers

    Between snow, breezes and physical activity your level of warmth can fluctuate!

  • Choose long pants

    Leggings or pants (that aren’t too long) are ideal over skirts or dresses.

  • Bring winter accessories

    Bust out your gloves, a cute hat and scarf! These layering pieces are practical and stylish.

  • Choose leggings over jeans

    Denim is stiff and won’t stretch as easily to give you good range of motion. If you fall, you’ll also be wet and want something that dries faster than jeans do!

Bottom line: when it comes to both indoor or outdoor rinks, you’ll find yourself wanting to stay warm on the ice.

Hopefully, this post helps you do just that while staying right on trend!

Cute Coats for Ice Skating

One of the first things that might come to mind when you’re planning your ice skating outfit is probably, “Which coat is best for ice skating?”

Your coat is the perfect starting point because you’ll probably base the rest of your outfit around which coat you go with.

Consider whether you’ll be outdoors or indoors, and also take note of the weather.

Will it be freezing, or mild? And if you’ll be on outdoor ice, is there a chance of rain or snow?

These details can help you pick out the perfect coat for skating on your local rink.

You can’t go wrong with a teddy coat and black leggings combo on the ice. Wearing a teddy coat is a great way to stay warm and stay on trend at the same time.

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If you plan on being outdoors in freezing temperatures, definitely grab a heavier jacket.

A thick puffer coat is a great option because they’re typically water-repellent, too. And, it’s right on trend for 2023.

A long coat is another great option for ice skating.

Long coats will keep you warm from head to knee in colder temperatures.

Winter white is a stunning option for ice skating; just try not to fall and get it dirty!

To give you a full range of motion out on the ice, a long puffer coat with a pair of leggings will keep you both warm and flexible.

A puffer coat may also work best if it’s snowing when you’ll be ice skating.

If you’re worried leggings aren’t the warmest option, consider a pair of fleece-lined leggings.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re an old pro with your own ice skates, this outfit is sure to keep you comfortable.

An opportunity to rock a brightly colored jacket? Say no more. Ice skating is a great occasion to style your vibrant coat with a pair of jeans.

Wide-leg pants and flared yoga pants are right on trend and the perfect bottoms for women to wear ice skating.

These pants are comfortable, stylish and provide a wide range of motion. Just be sure your pants aren’t too long so they don’t cover your skates.

This head-to-toe neutral look is stylish, sophisticated and easy to recreate.

Ice skating can be a bit of a workout, so you’ll have body heat to keep you warm.

If the temperatures will be milder, consider grabbing a lighter coat to avoid getting too warm.


Hats for Ice Skating Outfits

Ice skating is the perfect time to sport your favorite beanie or even a winter bucket hat you might be trying.

Not only are they functional, but they can be the perfect accessory to top off your look.

A knit hat can help you add a pop of color to your outfit.

If you’re someone who keeps their winter essentials neutral to ensure that they go with most of your closet, a beanie is a perfect opportunity to add more of a statement to complete the look.

Pompom beanies are super cute and playful and will upgrade just about any winter outfit!

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Bucket hats are certainly on trend at the moment. A bucket hat like this one can double as a warm hat to keep you cozy and add to your ice skating look.

You can never go wrong with a neutral beanie. Especially if you have long hair, having a beanie like this one in your back pocket can help add an element of warmth while you’re out on the rink.

A neutral-colored beanie can often be the best option. When you find a beanie in the right size for you, you just know that it will polish off most of your winter looks in the best way.


Layering Scarves for Ice Skating Outfits

Is there anything better than a scarf that almost doubles as a blanket? A good scarf isn’t only a good idea for staying warm, but it could also be a great idea for your ice skating outfit.

When trying to stay warm, adding layers of clothing is key, and a good quality scarf can be the perfect top layer.

The best part about wearing a scarf is that it’s simple to take on and off if you need to.

A long scarf like this one can take any winter look to the next level. It just makes any outfit that much more stylish.

Having a big scarf in a neutral color is a great staple piece for your closet. It’s something you’ll be able to wear over and over again.

What’s more, there are literally dozens of ways to style a blanket scarf so have fun with this accessory!

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On the other hand, a colorful scarf can be the perfect way to make a neutral ice skating outfit stand out while still keeping you warm.


Casual Ice Skating Outfits for Women Include Gloves!

You won’t want to forget a pair of gloves when you go ice skating!

Gloves can be essential for ice skating, especially if you’re still working on perfecting your skating skills.

If you happen to fall, bare hands on cold ice might make your fall even worse.

Whether you’re taking your first lesson or you’re a figure skating queen, gloves on the rink are a must to keep warm.

Mittens can be protective gear in more ways than one. They can protect you from burning your hands on a hot cup of hot cocoa, catch your slip-up on the rink, and keep you warm all night long.

You might even still want them for the indoor ice rink!

Whether it’s your first attempt on the ice or you have a gold medal in figure skating, don’t forget to grab your gloves.

A pair like these cute sherpa mittens can also add a base layer to your overall look.

Gloves with the ability to move your fingers around can be key.

If you can, bring a pair of winter touchscreen gloves. These let you still be able to use your phone while wearing gloves so you can get a cute pic on the ice!


I hope this roundup of ice skating outfit inspiration was helpful to you as you plan for your night on the rink!

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