Can you put deodorant under your breasts? Stop boob sweat with these 7 things.

How to Prevent Boob Sweat. There’s a headline I wasn’t sure I’d write. Swoobs. The swits. Boob sweat. Sweaty boobs. Yeah, I said it because it happens to the best of us!

Everybody sweats. Maybe even in places we don’t want to admit.

It’s hard enough to try and dress stylish when the weather feels more like an oven than earth. Now we have to worry about being fresh, clean and sexy, too.

If you’ve ever swiped deodorant under your breasts, stuffed your bra with tissues or made a total mess with baby powder because you have sweaty boobs, you know what I’m talking about. Because, let’s face it, boob sweat happens. And it does not go with your outfit.

Maybe you live someplace with sweltering heat like Arizona or maybe you’re traveling someplace tropical this summer. Whatever the case, toss the tissues and baby powder away; these breast sweat products will help prevent boob sweat so you can step out confident, in style and sweat-free.

How to Prevent Boob Sweat

What Causes Boob Sweat? 

If you have large breasts, you’ve likely experienced boob sweat before. But size isn’t the only factor. Sometimes, it’s just hot! 

Whether you’re having an intense workout or visiting someplace exceptionally humid, your skin can rub, sweat and get irritated. 

Aside from the embarrassment factor, under breast sweat can be quite uncomfortable.

Luckily for us, there are under breast sweat pads and new potions and powders to help keep breast sweat at bay. 

Bra Liners and Under Breast Pads for Boob Sweat

CupCare Disposable Bra Liner

cupcare bra liner review, how to prevent boob sweat with cupcare bra liner and other boob sweat products! Click to read the full post

CupCare is a disposable bra liner with an adhesive backing that you stick to the bottom of your underwire bra, becoming a built-in breast sweat pad.

It absorbs sweat preventing rash, skin irritation, unsightly boob sweat and saving your bras, of course.

They’re really easy to stick on, too; just peel the strip and fold the excess portion underneath your bra.

PRO TIP: I recommend lining it up first to see how you’re going to stick it in before removing the sticky back panel.

I tried out CupCare a few times and must say, it did the job! It was such a great way to not have a gross sweaty bra and at the end of the day, you simply remove the liner and throw it away.

No sweaty, gross bras and it fits most bra sizes (A-F). This works best with a traditional underwire bra. Get CupCare here.

Belly Bandit “Don’t Sweat It” Bra Liners

Belly Bandit "Don't Sweat It" Bra Liners

Belly Bandit’s “Don’t Sweat It’ Bra Liner knows how to prevent boob sweat. It’s an easy-to-use 92% bamboo liner that you just slide right under your bra.

This breast sweat pad will not only make your bra more comfortable to wear but also absorbs breast sweat so you won’t get a rash under your girls.

It’s labeled a maternity item, but pregnant, postpartum or not, anyone who needs to prevent boob sweat can give this a go!

✔️ This page will take you to the best bra liners on Amazon.

Powders and Potions to Prevent Breast Sweat

Fresh Breasts

how to prevent boob sweat try fresh breast body lotion. Click to see the rest of the tips in this post

{Fresh Breasts}

I suppose if you’re going to market a product like this, might as well embrace the humor right? So Fresh, So Dry makes this Fresh Breasts product which promises to keep your area fresh and dry, preventing perspiration.

It’s all-natural, scent-free, aluminum-,talc- and paraben-free too.

The lotion dries quickly, so it won’t leave behind a white clumpy mess like baby powder does, and it’s typically under $15 a bottle! Check the current price here.

I HAVE had a chance to try this one out and must say, it’s pretty good! A dime-size amount goes a long way so use carefully.

The lotion itself is white, not sticky, but dries on clear as long as you don’t use too much. Too much product and you will have a bit of white residue leftover.

I do have to wash my hands after applying as the product dries white and quickly. It works great under the boobs and in between your girls too. And I can say the product lasts a pretty long time.

You can use use Fresh Breasts alongside CupCare for extra protection, which I sometimes do. And you can also use this between your thighs, too.

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Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

how to prevent boob sweat, try lush silky underwear dusting powder. Click to read the rest of the tips in the post to prevent boob sweat!

{Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder}

If you’ve ever wondered how to prevent boob sweat, you’ve probably tried baby powder at some point.

While I haven’t had a chance to try this one out, I’ve heard amazing things about Lush’s silky underwear dusting powder.

Yes, by the name it’s supposed to be used, well, use your imagination. But reviewers use it just about everywhere, including breast sweat too.

It’s typically under $12 for a canister that lasts quite a long time and the jasmine scent is said to be a hit among the gents. Cocoa butter that’s in the powder will leave your skin silky smooth, too.

Argan Oil to Prevent Boob Sweat

I just ordered this Argan oil–and it’s winter–so I will update this post in a few months. But the internet has been raving about Argan oil to prevent boob sweat!

Argan oil has anti-microbial properties, and it’s definitely a more “natural” approach.

Fashion Tips to Beat Boob Sweat

Are there certain clothes you can wear that will help you sweat less? You bet!

Stay away from synthetic fabrics and things that make you sweat! I’m looking at you, leather.

Instead, look for moisture-wicking materials that are breathable. That means no padded bras, which just add extra bulk, and ditch the underwire too if you can.

You can find loads of moisture-wicking bras on Amazon. I’ve rounded up the top-rated ones here.

For day to day, you may want to consider ditching the bra altogether.

hollywood fashion tape silicone coverups
Hollywood Fashion Tape Silicone CoverUps

Need some pasties? These silicone coverups are my current favorites. They are thicker than the typical pasty which often shows a flower through your shirt (why did they design it that way?!) and they come in three different shades!

They are also completely reusable, just rinse them out and pop them back in their little case.

Stick to Dark-Colored Clothing

My workout clothes are all one color: BLACK! This is for two major reasons:

  1. It makes laundry super easy.
  2. It’s way harder to spot sweat in black clothing. 

Bottom Line: If you’re worried about visible sweat lines, wear black to camouflage. 

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For even more summer style survival guides, check out:

Ladies, do you have any tips or items you use to prevent boob sweat? Leave your advice in the comments below!

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    1. Have you tried a baby powder? There are many different ones that aren’t actual baby powder but similar and they can be great at absorbing sweat as well as odor. Also, try and stay away from synthetic fabrics as much as possible, especially in your bras and tops. They can really trap the heat in and aren’t as breathable as natural fabric. I hope that helps!

  2. I purchased Bra Mates after reading your post. I ordered them a month ago, but I still have not heard from the company or received my order. I have opened a PayPal dispute a few weeks ago, but still no response. I guess the business is closed. They need to take down their website.

  3. What a great article! I live in unbelievably humid Houston and have been stuffing a paper towel, I’m sad to say, under each bra cup. I have to change the towels several times per day. I plan to try one or more of these products. I’ve also seen a disposable bra liner called Persper-eez.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you found it useful. If you do try any of these products, please come back and let us know how they worked! I haven’t had a chance to try these all out myself so would love to hear from readers if they are helpful solutions.

      1. I tried the Fresh Female, and it quickly melted in active conditions like workouts; plus, it makes a mess on your hands. Persper-eez kept me bone dry in even the most extreme conditions, and another nice twist is that you can wear them *without* a bra. I also want to try a washable/non-disposable solution, so I have the Bra-Mates on order … I will report back!

          1. Well, no luck with BraMates. The website accepted the payment, but there was never a response (or shipment). Had to file a PayPal claim! Maybe they’re out of business.

          2. Despite this post, I tried to order BraMates and made sure to use paypal in case of problems. My order did take a while and I emailed them to see what the problem was. They never got back to me, but they did finally send them before I needed to put in a claim. I found them to be confusing…the non-slip side was not nearly as clear as in the picture posted above and I had no idea what side to put toward the bra. I guessed, and guessed wrong, I suppose. One came up out of my neckline and the other slid around to my side! Honestly, I don’t even know how to make sure I use the other side next time; there really doesn’t seem to be a non-slip side. Bad manufacturing, maybe?? Definitely bad customer service.

  4. Found your link through the IFB Links a la Mode–Excellent Post!  I would have loved to have had the Girlease bra liners last week when we had a humidex of 46 degrees, and so wish I was dating someone just so I could buy them the “Fresh Balls”!

  5. Ok, so this was hilarious to read. “Fresh Balls” um, kind of amazing product name. BUT also immensely useful! True story boob sweat does not go with your outfit and is the bane of summer. thanks for all the helpful products!!

  6. hahaha, boob sweat is the bane of my summer existence. I think I’ll try the Lush powder, I’ve had luck with their other products. the fresh balls product is hilarious (tho probably useful I imagine)

  7. What a great post! I just found you through the IFB Links a la Mode. Congratulations on your selection. My brother lives in Yuma, AZ, and I went there for the first time last year. In August. Talk about boob sweat and sweat everywhere else too. I feel overheated most of the time no matter where I am and if there’s a drop of humidity in the air (I live in Brooklyn), the sweat just starts pouring down, all day. So awful. Anyway, thanks for these products, none of which I’d heard of before, but may investigate further! Nice to meet you, I’m following you starting now and will look for you on Twitter too. 

    1. Girlease prevents “curvage” touchage” thus reducing the core body temperature, thus keeping the “girls” cool and dry, thus keeping you dry.  It’s like putting a breezeway between the skin.  Prevent AND absorb, versus just absorb.  Hope this helps.

    1. Girlease prevents “curvage” touchage” thus reducing the core body temperature, thus keeping the “girls” cool and dry, thus keeping you dry.  It’s like putting a breezeway between the skin.  Prevent AND absorb, versus just absorb.  Coolest regards!

  8. Thanks for the recommendations! My girls don’t sweat so much on the outside, but on the inside. I always have napkins or kleenex on hand to swab down the cleavage area.

    So I think the So Fresh So Dry might be the right choice for me.

    And you’re right. The one for men — Hi-lar-ious! 🙂

    1. Girlease prevents “curvage” touchage” thus reducing the core body temperature, thus keeping the “girls” cool and dry, thus keeping you dry.  It’s like putting a breezeway between the skin.  Prevent AND absorb, versus just absorb.  10% disc code NF17

  9. This is such a hilarious, yet useful post! I don’t think my Australian summers get as hot as yours, but boy, they can still be pretty hot. Being the middle of winter right now, boob sweat is not a current problem for me, but I’ll certainly be keeping these products in mind come boob sweat season!

  10. that’s very interesting! I usually stuff my bra with tissues…and it’s worse when I wear me strapless bra, because it has lots of padding and absorbs everything…so basically I have to wash it very often!

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