Gucci Ace Sneakers Review: Are They Really Worth It?

Ok, friends, I did a thing. I splurged on a pair of gorgeous Gucci Ace sneakers!

Naturally, I’m here with a review and to be upfront and honest about whether or not they are worth it, and everything else you need to know. 

gucci ace sneakers bee review

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Gucci Ace Sneakers Review

When it comes to these Gucci sneakers, it was love at first sight. 

The Gucci Ace sneakers come in a few renditions; I own the Gucci Ace Bee sneakers; there is also a version with pearls and studs on it, an Ace embroidered sneaker and a platform sneaker version. And, if you prefer more of a plain white sneaker, they have those too. 

gucci ace sneakers review

Love Mickey Mouse, stars, crystals or hearts? They have those too! You can browse all of the different styles here

White sneakers are still a strong style trend, and one I’m happy to jump on board with thanks to busy “mom life” stuff. It’s cute, casual, easy to style and nice to be able to be comfortable, and on-trend! 

Designer footwear has also been a huge trend for quite a while, thanks to the popularity of Golden Goose sneakers

But something about the Gucci Ace just drove me wild; I love that they they’re bold, make a statement and instantly up the fashion game to any outfit. 

I can throw on any old jeans and a tee, but with the Ace sneakers it feels like I’m adding that something special. 

Yes, they’re quite an investment, but most designer splurges are! So you really do need to think about how you’ll wear them, how often and when to decide if they are worth it to you.

Unboxing My Gucci Ace Sneakers

I purchased my sneakers at my local Nordstrom, but you can also find them at Gucci. 

They come in the original designer packaging that includes the Gucci sneaker box, dust bags for each shoe and an extra pair of white shoelaces. 

I’ll probably never use the dust bags, but they’re a “nice to have” and useful if you are traveling. 

Gucci Ace Sizing and Fit

If you Googled “Gucci Ace Sneakers Review”, the first thing you probably want to know about is sizing and fit.

These Gucci shoes DO run big. Sometimes up to a full size. I ended up sizing down half a size in these than my normal size. 

There are loads of reviews you can check out as well. But the general consensus is that you should size down at least half a size if not more. 

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Can You Wear the Ace Sneakers with Socks? 

I do. I live in Arizona and just don’t prefer to run around in hot, steamy sneakers without socks on. And, it makes these shoes more comfortable, too. 

gucci ace sneakers review

Do try a few different levels of thickness until you find what you like most. I have worn them without socks as well, but only for a quick 5-minute wear here and there. 

Are Gucci Sneakers Comfortable? 

They are sneakers, so they are comfortable. Are they the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever worn? No. That’s my Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers, which literally feel like clouds when you are wearing them. 

These sneakers are genuine leather and do have to be broken in a bit. I will be honest, they were a tad uncomfortable at first because the tongue is quite stiff. They had to be worn and broken in a bit. 

Now, I wear them extended periods of time and do find them comfortable! But that super stiff tongue drove me nuts for a little bit and I questioned my sanity in purchasing these. 

This is another reason why I recommend wearing the Ace sneakers with socks; it just gives another nice layer of cushion to these shoes. 

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How to Style the Gucci Ace Sneakers

Skirt | Belt | Top | Necklace | Shoes

This is my favorite part about this review and this sneaker—they go with SO many outfits! 

I like to wear these with jeans and a tank/tee, casual dresses and leggings, too. 

All-black is one of my favorite ways to style these sneakers as I love the little “pop” it gives any outfit.

how to style gucci ace women's sneakers

I’ve also been known to casually throw on black leggings and a black top to go do school pickup, and this is an easy way to just look a little more put together. 

How to Care for White Sneakers 

White sneakers sound like a nightmare to keep clean. But, it’s surprisingly not hard! 

The leather on the shoe wipes off dirt extremely easily. You can use something like Water Wipes or simply wet a paper towel, rag and any scuffs lift right off. 

They come with an extra pair of shoelaces you can swap in if yours become dirty. 

The bottoms of the shoes are harder to keep clean; I personally don’t mind if they’re a tad more “worn” here because I am wearing them! And plenty of people are paying for shoes that have a worn-out look already. 

Are the Gucci Ace Sneakers Worth It? 

gucci ace sneakers review women's bee sneaker

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: these bad boys are expensive. Especially for a sneaker. 

It was very hard for me to wrap my brain around spending so much money on a sneaker. 

However, I am so glad I did! Something I always take into account is cost per wear, and if you wear these sneakers 1/3 of the year (very possible for me), they break down to about $5 per wear. That, my friends, I can justify! 

Designer sneakers are on-trend right now, thanks to the explosion of Golden Goose sneakers. And, unfortunately, I just can’t get behind paying $500+ for a pair of worn-in dirty sneakers. 

These are shiny, white and pretty, and if they get a little dirty while wearing them, that’s ok. But, at least I did it myself! 

And I wear them All. The Time. 

From running errands to picking my kids up from school to casual weekend events, they’re so much more useful than I thought they would be because they are, and feel like, a fashion sneaker

Rather than throw on wedges to a baseball game to look a bit “cuter”, I can grab a fashion sneaker. 

And instead of feeling or looking frumpy running errands, I can step into a pair of fashion sneakers. 

These definitely aren’t for everyone, but if you love fashion, designer fashion especially, they really integrate into your wardrobe nicely and somehow have become an essential piece to upgrade any casual look. 

Gucci Ace Sneakers Alternatives & Dupes

If you love the idea of a white statement sneaker without the high price tag, here are a few ideas for you. 

UPDATE: Since writing this blog post the Veja sneakers have been a SUPER popular pick. Such a good alternative!

I also found this incredible Gucci Ace sneaker lookalike:

Looking for a Gucci Ace sneaker dupe? This lookalike from Goodnight Macaroon is pretty similar!

Are These Still Worth it in 2021? 

There is a funny misconception out there that some things are trendy only for a short amount of time. A pair of sneakers is certainly not a fad, as this is a shoe style that will always be in style. So I do believe them to still be a worthwhile investment for 2020 and beyond. 

When you’re weighing designer fashion purchases, think about cost per wear, re-sale value and how trendy the piece is. 

Yes, these sneakers are trendy. But they’re also sneakers. And that’s something we use on a daily basis. 

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  1. When first buying do you feel they should fit a bit snug? Just curious as to how much the leather stretched when broken in.. thanks in advance . To those that like to make rude comments I’ll pray for you .. you are obviously troubled and in a negative mindset. There is help out there .

    1. It was the tongue on the left shoe that bothered me the most. Like, REALLY bothered me and made me consider returning them. It only took a few days though and now I wear them like crazy! Overall, I wouldn’t say they felt snug though.

  2. Logically making a purchase for the shoes doesn’t make any sense at all you can literally find the same quality shoe that looks practically the same for less than a quarter of the price. It’s honestly one of the most retarded purchases you could make. There’s no point in spending that much money on a shoe you’re not going to wear that much. If you just want to look they have shoes that look practically the same. And for the people that want to say if I can afford a pair of designer shoes I finally made it people that actually made it will look at you like you’re a freaking moron because the people that have actually made it think this is a retarded investment and waste of money because you can literally get the same quality for a quarter of the price And feel more comfortable wearing them because you don’t have to worry about getting a stupid $500 pair of shoes dirty now if you want to talk cars that are super expensive those cars have different features and options other cars do not there is nothing that shoe has that other shoes for less the price has other than the name. If you’re actually dumb enough to buy shoes just for the name that in itself tells you you really haven’t made it.

    1. I think her (correct) point was that, when broken down to price per wear, these are so worth it. Compared to my more expensive and MUCH less worn designer heels, I actually wear these sneakers all the the time, and feel like I actually get my monies worth out of them.

      Oh, also, a pro-tip is that most people with any sense don’t use the word “r******d”” (are you kidding me with that outdated word?) and believe in using periods, at least about 12 times, in that run-on sentence full of nonsense.

      1. @bridgette your final paragraph is so spot on.. and I can attest to the fact that people who by any definition “made it” (financially or otherwise career related) shell out amounts of money they never thought they would – because they can. And when you work it, it feels good to sometimes buy what you love without worrying about the price.

        1. I agree and true. Do you want someone to tell you what and what not to buy something that makes you happy? I would not and listen to me and not you. You can suggest and I have my final say. Only me knows what makes me happy and not other people.

    2. I feel sorry for you Barry. If you don’t have anything good to say, just keep quiet!
      It is their money that they are spending by the way. It is also their choice. I buy things that I like, irrespective of their price, because I like it and want it! And that does not mean that I can show it off to people who cannot afford to have it. It’s what make me happy.

      This review is intended to help shoppers decide if they want the item or not.

  3. I have been wanting these for 2 years. I really can’t decide between the mismatched red and green backs and bee on side or the “quieter” ones with just the webbing and uniformed dark green backs. Still can’t decide. My common sense says the plainer ones match with more.

    1. I really liked the plain white ones as well, but the red and green mismatched actually match with SO much! I like that they make a statement, too since a lot of my wardrobe is fairly basic. Hope you love whichever ones you choose!

      1. I like designer pieces that I can immediately put in my daily rotation and don’t feel like to have to treat them with kid gloves. The Gucci Ace sneaker is just that designer piece! I bought my sneakers on a Friday and wore them on Saturday., again on Sunday, and again on Monday. Not sure I’ll ever take them off!

        I gravitate to solids, so these sneakers go with everything I own and elevate even the simplest outfit.
        LOVE THEM! Would purchase again!

        1. Thanks for the comment, Megan! I wore mine all weekend too, and also typically wear solids. They’re so easy to style with everything!

  4. The day I end up with a designer item of any kind will be the day I feel like I’ve finally “made it.” Haha! For now, the fanciest sneakers I own are Superstars – or my classic Converse high-tops. And I’m okay with that. But gosh darnit these sure are fabulous!

  5. Great review, these sneakers look great! and i am right there with you on hating the Golden Goose dirty sneaker trend. I would SO prefer these!

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