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can't wait to meet little sister sign, cute baby girl announcement idea! Click to see the rest of the photos from this shoot

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Cute baby girl announcement idea, click to see more photos from this gender announcement shoot!

Surprise! Baby #2 is on her way! We’re excited to share our baby girl announcement, whose arrival we’re expecting early August of this year.

And also, pretty nervous about the chaos that’s sure to ensue when going from a family of 3 to 4!

I thought I’d share some photos from our baby girl announcement and some FAQs about this pregnancy. 

For our baby girl announcement, I wanted to keep things pretty simple so I just ordered this oversized balloon and printed out this little sister sign from Etsy. That’s it!

We planned on having a gender reveal but it turns out, I’m totally impatient and as soon as I knew the gender was in, I HAD to know right away. There’s just something about knowing the gender of your baby that suddenly makes things that much more real.

can't wait to meet little sister sign, cute baby girl announcement idea! Click to see the rest of the photos from this shoot
baby girl announcement ideas, a giant pink balloon! See more pics from this shoot for gender announcement ideas
sibling baby announcement idea, click to see the rest of the photos from this shoot!
baby girl announcement idea, click to see the rest of this gender reveal shoot1
Sibling baby announcement idea. Click to see the rest of the pics from this gender reveal shoot!
Pregnancy announcement idea, oversized pink balloon. Click to see the rest of the pics from this baby announcement shoot!
family baby announcement idea, sibling announcement. Click to see the rest of the pics from this gender reveal shoot!

{Dress: c/o Pink Blush//Shoes: Prada (similar)// Giant balloon here// Hubby’s sweater: Nordstrom, half off!//Sebastian’s shoes//Sebastian’s outfit: Joe Fresh//Little sister sign}

Morning sickness? No. And that’s not something I really like to admit given that it’s exceptionally common and a miserable experience for most women. I just happen to be one of those freaks who doesn’t get sick I guess. But that doesn’t mean I don’t suffer from other pregnancy fun like mood swings, bloating and back pain!

Are you excited to have a girl? Of course! And also a little nervous. We were planning on doing a gender reveal but it turns out I have no patience and needed to know as soon as our results came in! I teared up when I read it was a girl, because of course I’ve always wanted to have one. But, I also would have loved it if my son got to experience having a brother and that brotherly bond. Now, I’m getting nervous that I don’t actually know how to handle girls and I only know how to be a boy mom!

How did you find out so early? They have fancy non-invasive blood tests these days that screen for genetic abnormalities and tell you gender, too.

How far along are you? 17 weeks

Mood swings? So. Bad. My husband wants to kill me I’m sure. I’m significantly more emotional this time around.

Cravings? Grilled cheese. And cereal. Because who doesn’t love grilled cheese guilt-free?!

Exercise? No. I’ve completely fallen off the wagon but just started walking again and plan on trying some prenatal yoga. Truth be told, this is a rainbow baby for us so I’ve spent a lot of time feeling anxious and paranoid to do much of anything. Even though I know working out is great for mamma and baby. It’s hard to be reasonable and not paranoid after a loss.

Due date? August 9. Three days after my little one’s birthday, to be exact.

Maternity clothes? Jeans, yes. Tops? No. I tend to buy normal dresses and tops that are flowy for as long as I can. In fact, I’m thinking of doing a post on the best non-maternity brands that you can still wear throughout a pregnancy, let me know if you’re interested!

Are you showing? Definitely by evening. I’m in that awkward “is she fat” stage. But I know I’m due for a big “pop” pretty soon!

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Comments, advice, questions? Please pop any and all below! I’m sure I’m just a few short months from losing my mind to a chaotic house with two little ones!

Photos: Andi Marie Photography

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  1. Congratulations on baby number 2!! I love the simplicity of the shoot, since it allowed the family to really be the center of it all! I was he same way when I was asked if I wanted to know the sex of my twins! It’s something about finding that out !

  2. Congratulations Marlene, it’s such an exciting time in life! It’s also kind of cool that you can know for sure what gender your new baby is. Love the balloon and the little sign. Enjoy your pregnancy.

  3. Congratulations Marlene! I loved your photos. Looking forward for your Maternity clothes suggestions.

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